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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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Greetings and good tidings to all! I'm new to the site and just wanted to say high. I also have 2 questions. First, what Elvish language is probably the most used/written/spoken, and second, where can I learn to read/write/speak it? I had detailed lessons on it before, but sadly I lost it.
Hello Erethon! Welcome to PT!! Cat Smilie to answer youre question, it is Quenya or Qenya as Tolk origanly named it. here are some lessons i have read some of it and it is easyer than most lessons, i thinkl. CLICK HERE!
Hi there Erethon Smile Smilie Welcome to PT Jumping Flame Smilie Share and Enjoy Happy Elf Smilie
Hello and welcome to the BEST site on the internet (right now, at least... D-Rob and I got back from a summer vacation and we are currently working on our site Smile Smilie) Everyone is friendly here, at least most everyone, and no one should get mad at you except maybe Grondy (a strict moderator, but he's cool).
hello erethon!! welcome to pt, it's really cool here and I hope you'll have a lot of fun!
see you, Orc Grinning Smilie
Welcome Erethon,

I would agree with Elrose (first time???) that Quenya is the most used Elven Language. It is kinda easy to learn but then again it is somewhat hard. Again welcome and I hope to see you around the message boards, just jump right in!

Rivendellelf1977 Wiggle Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Pary Smilie Paranoid Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Wary Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Serching Smilie Genius Smilie I like smileys! They all came out to welcome you!
Hello Erethon, welcome to our happy family. Share and enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie

I'll let the others speak to your questions, for I am quite illiterate in the Elvish languages.
hey....elfy, they didnt all come out....you forgot my favorite! Cow Sleeping Smilie and Puppy Smilie and :the new Tigger Smilie
Yeah, and where did you get the one with leaves crowning her head, elfy?
and where did you get the one with leaves crowning her head, elfy?
It is the second above 'I'm with stupid' I on our Smilies List and is made by writing "genius" within colons. Genius Smilie
gee thanks. you're a Genius Smilie
Welcome Erethon
ewww are those leaves or brains?
this might be excesive 'greetin' on my part....hello.
ewww are those leaves or brains?

they are leaves
you know the little crowns that they put on olympians? i think thats what they are
. Genius Smilie Genius Smilie Genius Smilie Genius Smilie
I never got why they were called the "genius".
The leaves in question are laurel leaves which were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to honor their champions. If you watch the smilie you will see its head gets larger allowing for its larger brain, which has sometimes been thought to allow a better chance of obtaining geniushood. So I guess what we have in the Genius Smilie smilie is someone who was crowned as having the champion brain, in other words, a genius.

Of course this smilie can also be used in response to someone who has stated the obvious, as in No-duh!
no you have it wrong....the brain expands and then pops out....

A great site for those interested in the language.Big Smile Smilie
Hello Greylord Smile Smilie WELCOME to PT !!!Hope to meet you in different threads Elf Winking Smilie Share and Enjoy !!!
welcome Greylord!!!!!
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Genius SmilieGenius SmilieGenius SmilieGenius Smilie
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sorry couldnt resist with the Genius Smilie