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I just wanted to ask if someone knows if you can translate your name into elvish? If you do can you please tell me how to write Sandra? I would be very thankful Smile Smilie

Lots of love from Sandra from Sweden
ummm...that buggs me! names stay the same in every language!
and no, i couldnt.

anyway, sry for my abruptness! welcome to PT! have a great stay! i ve always wanted to go to Sweeden
Hi Sandra! I'm from Norway. Waving Hello Smilie

names stay the same in every language!

That's not quite true... says that your name in Quenya is:
"SANDRA (f.) - from ALEXANDRA (q.v), so Varne"

Or do you mean how it is written with Tengwars?
Welcome Amidala!!! Varne sounds pretty cool to me!
welcome, dear amidala (I decided to use the pt-nickname... do you prefer your real or the elvish name?)! I hope you'll have a lot of fun round here and share your thoughts about tolkien's works with all of us!
see you round,

Aye, welcome to PT Amidala. Nice to have you here!
(avatars for sale...well not sale, cos i dont charge them Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
Hi and welcome to PT, Amidala!
You can try this, you'll get fun:
Hello Amidala. Welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie I like Amidala better than Varne, as it sounds more feminine, to my tin ear anyway, but suit yourself to whatever suits your fancy.

Share and enjoy.
Hi Amidala and welcome to PT although Im pretty new here myself I still feel a need to welcome people coz its good to see that ppl care. oh and I love Sweden btw
P.S. I agree with Grondy Amidala sounds way more feminine