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While I am not exactly new, I have not been around much. I just wanted to introduce myself to all of the newbies, and say hi to all of my old friends here. I really have missed all of you. Everytime I start to return to PT, something comes up and I just end up making only a couple of post.

For those of you that do not know me, I am a 38 year old stay at home mom, and an absentee council memeber. I have been making posts here for several years, and love this place. I have read the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and several other of Tolkien' works. I did a lot of research on the different books and even started several family trees for some of the characters. I used to be quite knowledgable concerning Tolkien, but have not read any of his works for so long that there is so much I have forgotten.

For those of you that know of some of my past problems, I thought I would let you know I am still in Texas and Matthew and I are doing well. We will see how the Christmas holidays go. That is when things usually fall apart for us. But so far so good this year. Smile Smilie Frogboy is doing great. He is turning into quite a pre-teen, getting an attitude with me, at times, but still just a sweetheart most of the time. His grades are terrific, and is in all of the advanced classes at school and he loves it.

I hoope everyone is well, and those that celebrate Thanksgiving has a great one. I miss you all, and will attempt to post more often, but can not make any promises.

Hello Melliot!!!

Although Im new here I alraedy bumped in a whole lot of your posts that it seems almost like I know you, anyway you seem like a good person.

Good luck to you and welcome back!!!

Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Wiggle Smilie

Thanks for the kind words. I do seem to have made quite a few comments in
several threads. At one point I was here most of the day. I hope I get to know
some of the new members, better.
Welcome back, Mellie.
Hi Mellie and welcome back. I hope you stay onger this time.

Hi, Ya'll, I hope I stick around longer this time too. I will definitely try.
Welcome back Mellie, so you've been able to keep Dragonreach, that's very good. Happy Elf Smilie Almost as important, how about the DeLorean? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
heloo....i can never say anything to people i cant welcome cuz they've already been here....