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Looking for Friends
Hi I am new here. Obviously, right or I wouldn't be posting. I am bored I'm skipping class right now and if anyone is bored please talk to me. I want to know how to use this site to its fullest potential
Hi Raylen and welcome. Tell us more about yourself - what class are you skipping? Your favourite Tolkien book? Do you like the LOTR movies?
welcome look around see what u can find and enjoy the funny of Elrose??? very random guy neway ill see around the forums mwahahaahahahaha
Greetings Raylen!! Welcome to PT!! I hope you do find some friends here, and while your at it, why not start here? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT!!!Waving Hello Smilie
I want to know how to use this site

you can begin with the Help section under Your account in the left-hand menu, but if you want
its fullest potential

join the threads as quickly as you can!
See you.
Hello and welcome to PT !!! Share and Enjoy , Hope to see you around in different threads !!!
Big Smile Smilie