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Thread: hi everybody

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Hello my name is turgon linwelin
my real name is ant
im new to this site but my friend has been on for a while
Elessar Lossehelin
i think sum of u might no him? ithil good luck marrying him. Alcoholic Smilie
i think he should get some mithril?
Heya dude, so u finally joined it after all, finally i got someone to join!!! yay make some threads and start asome new ones and enjoy the comments that people occasionally say about you. See ya around!! Jumping Flame Smilie
Hello and Welcome to PT !!! Share and Enjoy Waving Hello Smilie Hope to see you around in different threads
hey, welcome round! I hope you'll enjoy yourself here. I see you already joined the maddest wedding of the year, so see you there! Orc Smiling Smilie
have fun!
Hello, Turgon linwelin!
Welcome to PT!Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Hi Turgon linwelin, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
hey Turgon, welcome! I've already seen you at the wedding so this is pretty belated, but glad to see you anyways.