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Thread: introduction

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hello to you all, I'm a Tokien fan and I'd like to talk to you and make friends. I'm addicted to Tolkien's writtings and I'd like to share my opinions with other fans. I'm looking forward for your answers. Write mw soon! Elf Smilie
I'm a Tokien fan

You're at the wrong place, then. We don't know anyone by that name here.

But you're still welcome!
haha clever LA86

welcome shadows in the mist to our humble sanctuary of that thing, thatz it Tolkien.

What oppinion would you like to share with us then?

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Shadow in the mist. Sare and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie
welcome shadow...you have definately come to the right place. The people here know like, so much and you will be amazed!

Welcome shadow! If you're addicted to Tolkien's writings, then pop over to the Book Discussions and post something so we can all have something Tolkien to pore over.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Shadow in the mist. I hope you enjoy yourself around here. Look forward to seeing you in the discussion threads.
Hi Meriaj gray snow. Pleased to see you eventually got your account working. Welcome to the site. I hope you have an enjoyable time here.
hey grey mist and misty snow. or something. mayb the colours should b grey. hmmm. Sare and enjoy. couldnt say it better Godnmasta, though i bet i could type it better.
Welcome to our happy family Meriaj gray snow. By your spelling of the color gray, I assume you are from the US, same as me. Happy Elf Smilie
i thought it was spelled grey...and im from the US
Hello Meriaj gray snow !! Share and Enjoy