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Greetings to everyone !
I love playing in RPGs, and I honestly had fallen out of my last one due to starting school this past year yet again. That is what I am soley here for, but it seems to me that most of the RPGs are already well on their way and would be somewhat thrown off if I were to join. Can someone maybe point me in a direction? Thanks.
Welcome Inwe. You will find that a lot of RPGs will accept new characters. Just type in italics, asking if you can join and give a brief bio of your character.
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. The FAQ is your frie-- oops, wrong site. Anyway, have fun.
Welcome. If you like to roleplay you can just join in. None of us would mind a new member, in fact I think we're deeply in need of an active role pleyer, as many of the old players have gone into hibernation or something. I'm Cloveress, hope you'll get used to me.
I'm Cloveress, hope you'll get used to me.

Ha! Just when you think you've got used to her she'll zap you with an award.
Thanks guys! I'm actually reading through the few pages of the story i'm interested in, so I will soon be replying and being part of the game! Thanks again to all!! = )
Greetings, I'm a new old member; I just got resurrected by Grep (thx Grep!) after going ethereal in May last year.
Vir's back! Vir's back! Run for your lives!
haha..... confused... =/
Welcome, Inwe. I'm sure I'll see you around, but hmmm...I'm confused too. Just when I was getting used to Mir, Grep had to go and change him back to Vir. Does this mean he will be able to write two different posts?! Aaaaahhhhh...I agree, Vee, run for your life!
Does this mean he will be able to write two different posts?!

I sure hope so, having to delete those double posted posts of his is really annoying.
Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie The Mir account will soon be disabled and the Vir account will be the only one who can post. We just have to wait for Ant to fix the council member status and all will be back to (ab)normal on our little Planet. No need for panic, people. Just breathe calmly.

Hi Inwe! Welcome to PT. Just follow the nice, green Clover to the Role Playing Guild.
Virumor's account was for unknown reasons suddely deleted a while back. While he was waiting for PT's owner to bring his account back, he made another account called Miruvor. Now the Virumor account is back, and he won't need the Miruvor account anymore. Hope that makes you a little less confused. Wink Smilie
"nice, green Clover"? Amarie, you should really hand out some awards for PT members yourself. I'll get the "most green", I suppose...

Inwe and I are actually getting quite well acquainted in the roleplaying section, so don't you worry! I won't do anything to her, won't teach her to rebel against the wicked Amarie, won't lead her into the temptation to join me in Vee's bloody fires (all for just an award???), won't anything. I'm perfectly innocent. You should all know that. What is the Cloveress but a playful little fairy?

Very nice to meet you Inwe, Welcome to our little corner of the net, Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

If you like RPG's join the Wedding Story and add just another twist to the madness of a special day Orc Smiling Smilie
OK, back up: Inwe is a GIRL???! *ponders changing name to Idril Celebrindal*
We've had a female Tom Bombadill too, I am sure we can cope with a female Inwe, Idril. Smile Smilie
Besides, Ingw’ is the name of the High King of all Quendi, not Inw’, so we're all home free.
Wow...everybody's so friendly=)
Actually... I found the name "Inwe" a very long time ago.. and it was my "roleplaying name" for sooo long on my past site...hmm.. so, sorry if its a boys name... I guess we'll just have to cope.= /
Ahh yes...I'll check out the Wedding Story

"nice, green Clover"? Amarie, you should really hand out some awards for PT members yourself. I'll get the "most green", I suppose...

He, he...that was the one I was going to post last night, or at least "most Kermit-like," but I thought better of it, since I hear it's not easy being green.
Especially when you don't have sea-legs or a sea-stomach. Elf Winking Smilie

Welcome to our happy family Inwe. I hope you have fun here. Happy Elf Smilie I've added your name to our The Gender Indentification Thread. If you want your birthday listed in The Party Tree, send me a PM with the day and month; the year is optional to protect the guilty.
Ah, thanks guys.. I'm already having a blast here!
I'm having problems finding an avatar that meets the requirements though.. is it just me, or what's going on with that? Where can I find an avatar that will be okay?

You just take an avatar and do some work on the size with a program of your choice and then upload it.
Hallo and WELCOME Inwe !! Im glad you have a great time at PT !! SHARE AND ENJOY !!
Moderator Smilie Mellon, you're shouting, did you skip your meds today or are my ears just more sensitive? Elf Winking Smilie
You're just mad she stole your precursor to "Where Do You Want to Go Today?" (I admit Adams' line is better.) ;-p

I guess you could always switch to "We apologize for the inconvenience." After all, you ARE a Council Member.... *runs*
He he Grondy..maybe you ARE to sensitive?
Prombubbly Orc Grinning Smilie