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Thread: Hello,

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Teacher Smilie
First of all, make sure you have typed in the right username and password when you log in.
The mesage you got said "No account could be found with that username or password."
Which means that you probably have typed the password or username wrong.

The account aragorn_estel has not been deleted. But you have renamed it, so there is no account by that name anymore. But I see we have one Failariel_ancalimon and one Failariel_Ancalimon. You didn't re-register, did you?

If you still have problems, e-mail us at council@planet-tolkien.com with the username and e-mail address you used to register with, and we'll get Grep to take a closer look. Serching Smilie
Anyway, welcome back, Aragorn_Estel. If his accounts gone, can I have his mithril? ;-p Hope it's all been resolved happily by now.
um hope it gets sorted Aragorn_Estel, um what do you want us to call you now Failariel_ancalimon or Aragorn_Estel?? but welcome back Elf With a Big Grin Smilie