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Hello everybody. Having finally found a decent forum to join I am Ciaran. Intrigued by the whole works of JRR I could not avoid joining this forum. Anyway, I love medieval literature and am currently wrting my own stuff now also. A novel on the Anglo Saxon era bringing in courtly love, chivalry and honour, tragedy, significance of heathendom in Saxon times and the downfall of such qualities in modern day life. Also, I am on the point of publishing an epic Lay in Icelandic structure as an allegory on the troubles in Northern Ireland. The point I'm making is get them when they finally come out! I will no doubt post the titles when they are nearly ready (and when I think of a decent title). Yet I believe that I owe nearly everything (inspiration wise) to Tolkien.
Hello Skarp hedin Smile SmilieWelcome to PT !! Hope we will soon read some of your workSmile Smilie See you around in the threads Smile Smilie SHARE and ENJOY
Yep indeedy! Welcome and wander at will.

What do we call you as you have a different username to the one you are announcing?
Hail and well met Skarp hedin/Ciaran Arthur. Happy Elf Smilie I enjoy reading medieval murder mysteries, specifically by Sharan Newman, Micheal Jecks, and Candice Robb. Haven't read many romances or fantasies from that period. Anyway, feel free to drop into our Writers Guild, join our discussions, play games, or ask questions, but above all, have fun and enjoy yourself and our membership.

Share and enjoy!
Well, it might be easier to call me Ciaran as Skarp Hedin is an old norse name and longer to type.
well welcome Ciaran, im Loss and i hope you enjoy your time here, i have, share with us your knowledge and take in ours, see you around