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Greetings fellow dwellers of Arda. I am Thranduil, new-comer to this world. I shall look forward to exploring it. Farewell for now, good people.
Hello Thranduil, welcome to the Planet. Always nice to meet another Tolkien-friend. Look forward to see you in the threads! Snowman Smilie Elf Smilie
Thank you my friend, I've already been playing some games. I think I'm going to like this site.
Yes, welcome Thranduil to our place of gathering! Be merry and have fun, or seek some knowledge from Tolkiens world that your in need of. See ya in the threads!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to P-T Thranduil, have a good time here. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
Hey and WELCOME to PT ThranduilWaving Hello Smilie I'm sure you'll have great time here with us Smile Smilie Looking forward to see you around ..SHARE and ENJOY Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome, share your knowledge and learn to your hearts content, enjoy your stay here Orc Smiling Smilie