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hey people, names sabrina(bri) just set this up n have no clue how to use it!!!!probably talking to nobody, but thought id introduce my self any how, if any one fancys a chin wag then let me know as im buddyless n feeling lonely!!! lmao! help!
Welcome Luthien, enjoy your stay, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm Loss by the way, have a look through some of the threads, if you wish to have a discussion about a subject which you are not that familiar with, create a thread under the appropriate heading. Welcome again, and don't forget to vote for us in the Tolkien Top 100. Share your knowledge and gain as much as you wish Orc Smiling Smilie
Greetings Luthien, I only happened across this site yesterday and am syill exploring it myself. I'm feeling a little isolated myself at the moment so feel free to send me a message. In the meantime, have fun exploring. Farewell fair maid.
Howdy Luthien, enjoy your stay with us. Happy Elf Smilie We have all sorts of threads (topics) to wander through: at the top of our forum menu is stuff about the website and members; the middle section is about the books and author; further down are the movies and our guilds; then the taverns about many different things followed by some miscellaneous topics; and at the bottom are a bunch of games. Our role playing games are actually in a guild by that name. Drop in the Khazad-d’mish Inn, sing the obligatory first song there, and receive a complimentary tankard of Gimil's Finest’ Ale and a plate of munchies.
Greetings I am Brandon aka Drizzt the master swordsman that frequents this place when he is not off doing things. If ye need anything just ask and one of the verry nice people here will be happy to help. **Points out that he is not one of these nice people.**
It seems to be raining Luthiens nowadays!
Ah, but when they are all nearly as lovely In Love Smilie as the original, we shouldn't mind at all. Elf Winking Smilie
Welcome Luthien. have fun here at PT and dont hesitate to ask for help, as you have already been told. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Yep, Grondy's right.The more Luthien's the better! Orc Smiling Smilie
Hey Luthien (Sabrina) and a warm welcome to PT Waving Hello Smilie I hope to see you around in the threads Smile Smilie Have a good day !! Share and ENJOY Happy Elf Smilie
just to say thanks to you peps for your replys, im sure ill get to speak to you all soon.
Hey there,...Welcome to PT. I've been here about a month myself.Think you'll really like the place.People here are friendly and helpful.Loss has helped me a great deal.You might try hitting him up. Elf Smilie If I can help, just ask!!
Heya Luthien!!!! Welcome to PT. If you ever need anything, i'm more than willing to help if i can. :orcbiggrin:
Hi, Luthien,

Brand new to this myself. Your introduction was one of the first things I read on the site - my log in name was hastily chosen in your honour.

Actually, I'm brand new to the message board concept. Bit of a technophobe - prefer to send my messages via an elf on a fast horse!!
Welcome Beren, it's seems it's raining Berens and Luthiens Orc Smiling Smilie Well I think you two will get along just fine, two new members met across a wire. With destined names. This is the tale 'Of Beren and Luthien' Orc Smiling Smilie

Welcome to you both Beren and Luthien...........
Thanks, Elessar, for the welcome. Of course, I'd probably get on better with Luthien if she was actually online at the moment - only just sussed that she isn't. Told you I was a technophobe!!

If you, or anyone else, online wants to let me know of any message board etiquette I should be aware of, I would be grateful. Or just to chat.
Welcome to our happy family Beren. Happy Elf Smilie

Re: Forum etiquette see: List of Website Rules. Main thing is to use common sense and to be nice; Happy Elf Smilie don't shout by using all caps, except for the occasional short outburst Angry Elf Smilie when you are really ticked-off. Use our smilie icons to show your emotions; they're hiding under the star icon above the white input box where you compose your post. And after you make your post go back and look at it to make sure you closed any bold, italic, and underlined highlighted text per the note above the input box. Use the edit button below your post to make any necessary changes.

Share and enjoy!
Thanks, Grondmaster. Fortunately, it's in my nature to be nice most of the time. In any case, I'll be sure to keep any outbursts short - 'Fool of a Took!', that sort of thing. As for common sense, I'm making no promises on that one. Had it in the past, put it down somewhere and just haven't been able to find it since.
welcome to our big PT family Beren!!!!!!!! i'm sure you'll get along fine on here, everyone is really helpful, even to a technology ditz like myself. =P
Hey Beren Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to our happy family at PT Smile Smilie I'm sure you will feel right at home Smile Smiliesee you around in the threads..SHARE and ENJOY Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks, Arwen & Mellon.
Welcome, welcome to all newbies. If you want to let us know more about yourselves then the 'Introduce Yourself' thread is the perfect place.

Now, roasted or toasted?.
Oh dear, I guess nobody told you couple yet about the evil Veewitch who hulks about trying to trap newbies for dinner. Pity, I am too late to save you guys now, you're already in her claw's reach...

I might as well introduce myself before you guys die (and this is no Morgoth you're dealing with, nor are you entering Angband for a Silmaril. Believe me, the Veewitch has nothing but bones of former newbies in her big fat belly...). I am the Cloveress, the fairy and the nuisance of certain people like Vir. But everyone else thinks I'm a sweet child, of course. Just feel free to make humour in my presence. Though I am no longer the site jester, I still attempt every once and again, at a witty joke.

Veewitch, open wide, there they go!
Nice to hear from you, Cloveress, and thanks for the warning about the Veewitch. Maybe it's just me, but I can't help thinking it wouldn't be a bad way to go............
So who is the Site's jester then Clover? Who has stolen your brightly coloured title? Maybe it could be one of the awards for next month? Looking forward to it Clover...............
So who is the Site's jester then Clover?

I thought this coveted title had been bestowed for all time to a young person named Elrose..