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hi there!
hope your all well on this fine and blustery winters eve.

im going to start off with a little introduction of myself then go on to say what i "want" to get from and give to this board Big Smile Smilie

first of all, my name is Damien, im 21 and from the SE of England, i've always been interested in "fantasy", from models to books to games, and Tolkien and his works piqued my interest at a rather tender age (i was about 7 when i first read the hobbit, then straight after i plunged into the Silmarillion wow! that was a shock! hehe)and have since become a firm fan and defender of JRR, Although as time goes on my interests have moved slighty away from the actuall "stories" and are drifting towards the peotry contained within the writings (especially in the HoME series of books) and also towards the languages contained therein, epsecially the Elvish languages.

as to what i feel i want from this site, and what i can offer this sit.....

well from the site i would foremostly like to forge new friendships, have many a debate over hotly argued themes and ideas, just have a good time really, also maybe if there are Sindarin lessons occouring i would be very very binterested to join

and what can i give to this site?? well im a conciensous, resonably inteligent and easy going guy
i try not to incite flame wars (although my the way i type is sometimes misconstrewed as an argumentative commment, when in fact it was merely a question, so il apologide in advance Big Smile Smilie )
and i love to chat

so drop me a line if you want, if not ill see you in the forums

Hi, Turion, and welcome. I look forward to seeing your posts in some of the discussions. I gather you have the HOME books?

Whereabouts in the SE of England? I am originally from Essex, now in Berkshire.
im from Kent, maidstone to be more precise, as far as the HoME books are concerned, they are proving,............ elusive, to say the least, i have 1,2,3,4,6 and 12
Hi and welcome to PT TurionWaving Hello SmilieI'm glad you found your way around to join usSmile Smilie See you around in the threads mate Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOYHappy Elf SmilieBy the way..I love your avatar!
Nice to see you in the threads, Turion. We've crossed some times already! Feel heartily welcome! Snowman Smilie Elf Smilie Angel Smilie

By the way; you've got an awesome avatar, friend!
thank you so far for your warm welcomes

are there any sindarin (or even quenya for that matter) courses going on atm?
No lessons currently Turion; and a warm welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie
How could I have been a day late in welcoming a new member???

Welcome Turion, please feel free to discuss what you will and debate what you like, within the rules of course Orc Smiling Smilie

Welcome again and learn what you seek...........

and I must say, your avatar is slightly freaky...... *runs away screaming and hides under pillow along with fairy dust..........
my avatar is not freaky, the eye sees all!
It sees all??? OMG!!!!!!!! Then I cannot hide under my pillow without him knowing......... I need to find a way to stop this madness.............To the Batcave.............
Mae govannen, sammar 'wain! Heniach edhellen farn?
Glad to have you here; this place has been without enough language enthusiasts for too long. Anyway, I get what you mean about your focus shifting to the poetry and languages; that's happened with me, too.
i understand some yes, that is, i understand more than i speak Big Smile Smilie
Yes welcome. It sounds very nice where you live. Seven indeed seems very young for such a deep interest, rather like dear JRR's interest in Cymru and other languages at a tender age.
I cannot wait until I read some of your posts in a hotly debated issue. And to think that you live anywhere near Vee. I suppose all you have to do on a fine misty rainy day is go outside and look to the sky and when you locate a huge mass of steam ascending, if it isn't from a factory, it will surely be her! I am rather envious.
And to think that you live anywhere near Vee

I live in the SW of England, so I also live near Her Royal Roastiness I
so Vee is somewhat of a celebrity then???

every where i go she seems to be talked of, only in a good way of course!

so what is soo fantastic about vee? ( not that im doubting your godess-ness!!! )
Big Smile Smilie
so Vee is somewhat of a celebrity then???

No, he meant Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, who often visits her manor in Cornwall to have barbecues and play croquet (with or without flamingoes).