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Thread: Greetings!

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Hey fellow Tolkien lovers, new here, nice place you have though! For some reason the fair Prince of Dol Amroth always left me with a strong impression, hence my namesake! In RL my name is YJ, I'm a guy, 20, (everyone goes Hi YJ) fan of Middle-earth, can't wait for Children of Hurin this 17th! New Tolkien and Middle-earth (though a familiar tale) what more can we want? So yeah nice to see a lot of other people into this world like I am!

See you guys around.
Greetings and well met again, friend. May you find fellowship in this place.
It's nice to have you aboard, Prince. Enjoy yourself and welcome to our big happy LOTR family!!!! -Arwy
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Prince imrahil. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to see your posts around the boards.

Share and enjoy!
A warm welcome from us all to PT. Enjoy! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome YJ!
Since you are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Children of Hurin, perhaps you would like to enter our competition to win a copy of the book. Win a copy of the new Children of Hurin book
Hello, YJ/Imrahil!

Hope you find yourself wrapped in the comfort of PT like your favorite old blankie as a child; for here is a warm, friendly place. Enjoy your time and don't be shy-fresh ideas are always welcome.