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I'm Imran AKA Aramorn. My niknames ImmyG and i'm about 14 years old. I love LOTR and anything 2 do with fantasy! I'm a noobie so i'm hoping i can make some new friends! if anyone's interested in just havin a chat on anything or anything else, plz feel free 2 email me at I look forward 2 seeing anyone!
Signed ImmyG
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Hullo and welcome.
I could not help by think as I read your post that you seem so animated and just full of life and energy. I hope you will use some of it to enrich our forum. Smile Smilie
Hello Aramorn, and welcome. I'm new too -- I've been reading some of these forums off & on for a while, and finally decided to register and start posting recently.

It's great to see "the younger generation" starting to discover Tolkien, and like LeeLee said, you're so excited and full of energy about it. That really is awesome. My son is about your age, and right now he's still working on the Harry Potter books. After he's done reading those, I'm going to try introducing him to some Tolkien. I hope he's even half as excited as you are. Smile Smilie

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the forums.
And welcome to you as well. I am quite certain your son will at least try them out, especially with a father so passionate and enamoured with them. I very much like your avy. Smile Smilie
I Aye like he said: Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Aramorn (ImmyG). Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie

When I used the I icon above, I want our newcomers to know it is an endearable form of agreement rather than a put-down.
Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome (though it is late, I feel that the many welcomes made up for it??? Orc Smiling Smilie )
Heya Waving Hello SmilieAramornWELCOME TO PT Smile Smilie Hope to see you around in the threads