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Waving Hello Smilie Hi I'm Turgon i've only started so please!!!!!!! help me out and send me some messages please!!!! Happy Elf Smilie this place is so cool but also a bit big Very Sad Smilie
Hello Turgon,

Welcome to PT, it is a big place and a big community, but you'll find your way around easy enough, just look through the FAQ and Help and there is all the help you'll need, though if you are not satisfied, just PM anyone and they'll answer any questions you have...

I swear that someone else has that avatar, but I think that he is not active anymore, so no biggy Orc Smiling Smilie

See you in the threads...
Hi Turgon. Welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Rather than sending Private Messages (PMs), you can also use the Search link located near the right end of the menu at the bottom of our wonderful sunset banner to look for answers. And you may also add your questions or comments to the bottom of an existing thread as long as it is about the same topic.
HEYA Waving Hello SmilieTurgon anwamaneSmile Smilie Welcome to PT .SHARE AND ENJOY
thanks guys for the warm welcome Big Smile Smilie
I think you have the same Avatar as Halbard Smile Smilie but I'm glad you are with us Smile Smilie
ye i heard i had the same avatar as him do you know wer i can get another one?
Loss could probably help you out .send him a message ..he was kind to help me when I needed oneSmile Smilie Good luck mate
ow ellesar lossehelin
Yes, tis me!!! Most folk call me Loss

I'll await your PM...
Hi Turgon, how are you doing? I hope you're fine. I started out this year and I'm happy that the PT community is getting bigger and bigger.Yes, they are always new peopkle comng about and I alaso hope that you found someone that you really like and also to feel not alone. For when I came in PT I felt alone but now I feel much better.
I just noticed the help file about avatars had my old e-mail, so I changed it into one that works.

When you find a picture you like, I would be happy to help make it a 70x70 .gif file. That goes for Glorifindel and everybody else too. *nods towards journal* Happy Elf Smilie
Glorifindel, I have sent you a PM, as an answer to your journal entry, though as there are alot of Glorfindels in our member list, I fear that I may have sent it to the wrong person Orc Going Huh Smilie It would be really helpful if there was a system of clicking on a user's name and then pressing "PM *user's name*" so that we don't send the message to another user with the same name... The Buddy List doesn't really help, as we still have to flick through the lists and find alot of member's with the same name... So Glorifindel, send me a PM just to confirm that it IS you and reply to my original PM Orc Smiling Smilie
loss thanks for the avatar mate
WhoawSmile Smilie Turgon anwamane .I knew Loss could help you , nice avatarSmile Smilie
thanks Mellon
Haha! Your welcome... That does look good next to your name I must say Orc Smiling Smilie Plus, you are unique now Orc Smiling Smilie


Thanks Mellon for recommending me *gives cupcake*
Ye It's a really great avatar and as you said it's unique.
Great avatar, Turgon (and Loss)! Smile Smilie

though as there are alot of Glorfindels in our member list, I fear that I may have sent it to the wrong person

Many Glorfindels, but I can only see one Glorifindel. That's actually the first thing I noticed about him. "Excellent! A uniqe but still well-known name! Now let's see what he writes..."

The many identical names can be a pain. They are one of the things which can't be fixed here, but will be sorted when we move to the new forum. If only I knew when that would be...
...but will be sorted when we move to the new forum.

Is this move imminent?
Thanks Ama!

What I meant was, I knew that his name had an extra i in it... but I think I chose blind when I sent him the PM, a single i is easy to miss... Orc Smiling Smilie

Though, I do hope the new forum sorts it out Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT, Turgon anwamane. I am an absentee council member, as my computer does not work correctly and I have to use my husbands most of the time. In order, to use his, I usually have to wait in line. Smile Smilie I also do not have a lot of time these days to be here. I hope to see you next time I am online. If you have any questions most members know the rules and will hellp you out. There is a nice family atmosphere here. I have made lots of friendships here that have lasted for a good 7 or 8 years. I have even met a few and hope to meet a few more. So, even if I am not around I am thinking of PT. Hopefully, you will become one of my new friends.

Please put you birthday on our Party Tree. I used to be in charge of it, but Grondy is doing a much better job.

Have fun and welcome

Is this move imminent?
That was what Amari’ was trying to tell you, the Council has NO IDEA!!! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie The move was imminent two years ago, so it probably no longer is. Orc Sad Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie