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Thread: **Up the Orcs**

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Hello all,
Found your site by accident really,was looking for information on Tolkien and your site came up.Glad it did,i have always loved Tolkien and find most other fantsy writings dross and boring.Their is a sense of "ancient-script about his work",a "finding more than a writing" about Middle earth.For me Sauron is the greatest,for he stays in the background in all the books,but still has a commanding presence!!!!!.
Sorry i digress my name is Tony i enjoy all things tolkien,would be nice to discuss points of the books with others.My favourite book is the Silmarillion,looking forward to reading the children of hurin.
I also enjoy playing the pc games,ie battle for middle earth and so on also i like to draw and paint miniature figures and make dioramas and on-line game.

Battle for middle-earth is brill I play it to and those models you are talking about are they war hammer because I also paint them.
Welcome to P-T! Glad you like the site Tony. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

P.S. I got bfme 1 and 2 (and expansion for 2) so I'd love to play you sometime.
Hello there (Tony)**yorkshire_orc**Smile Smilie I'm happy that you found us at PT .
I'm really looking forward to meet you in the threads mate. SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcome to our happy family **Yorkshire_Orc**, hope to see you around the threads. Happy Elf Smilie
A very happy hour it was when you found this forum. It is warmth and wisdom, and thoughts shared about our beloved JRR and Middle-Earth.
I love diaramas, in fact my son and I are just getting ready to start a detailed one for a Christmas gift for a dear friend.
I look forward eagerly to hearing your thoughts. Smile Smilie