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Thread: Hello?

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my name is marco i'm an elf from belariand ummm i have a question how do i change a picture for an avatar to .jip ot .jpg or something like that
Hi marco. Welcome to Planet Tolkien.

For an avatar your picture will need to be a 70x70 .gif file. Most photo editing software packages will give you the option of saving your image as a .gif file.
Hello again Marco. welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

For help with your avatar question send a PM to Loss as he suggested today in his post under Avatar Clarification.

You can send PMs via the "My Account" link in our horizontal menu under the PT sunset page banner, the "Messages" link, and the "Create New Message" link that will appear in a box next to the Poll. Choose the member name from the drop down list, add a subject, write your message, and submit it. Teacher Smilie
hello Grondmaster good to be part of the happy family.Now.... What is a pm?
Welcome Marco! Grab a mug of ale, sit by the fire and tell us a little about yourself. Wiggle Smilie
PM means Personal Message...

So send me a message and I'll glady help you out Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Oh yes, Welcome Marco Pary Smilie
Welcome, welcome,
And do take Loss's invitation, he helped me very much when I was absolutely new and quite lost in Middle-Earth.
Have a happy journey, hope to meet you again and again on one or the other of the roads.
Thank you all for being so friendly and ill take up those offers, i love realating to people that share the same intersest in JRR Tolkiens world! i suspect you guys have read the childeren of hurin it was a very good book. i am planning on reading some of the books ive just been informed about by jrr tolkien. In the beginning i just read the hobbit and lotr trilogy.But i never stoped thinking about middle-earth, dont you lovee that place. So one day i was going into Chapters you may know what that is its a international book store and i saw in big LETTERS jrr tolkien but it wasnt named lotr ot the hobbit . I was astonished and soooo happy i bought it right then and the(the childeren of hurin). But i dont currntly have the $ for the silmarillion or other books about middle earth, aint that a *****, Mad Smilie SCUSE my language.
A warm welcome to you Marco Smile Smilie
I know you'll have a great time joining the fellowship Smile Smilie