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Hi, I'm Narya! I absolutely love LotR and Tolkien (otherwise I wouldn't be here, obviously)! I found this site while I was researching Tolkien for a paper on British authors. Elves are my favorite Middle Earth residents, especially elves from Rivendell. A random, but cool, thought: my brother is taking a trip to New Zealand this summer, and he gets to visit the mountain that was used as Mt. Doom in the LotR movies! Anyway, I gotta go finish that report for tomorrow...
Howdy Narya, welcome to our happy family. I'll be watching for your posts. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie
A warm WELCOME to you Narya Smile Smilie
Yes how wonderful you are here, please stay as long as possible.

Hullo dear Mellon, miss you. Hope you are wonderfully well.
Hello Narya!

I love your name, though Nenya was always my favourite of the Three.

Welcome to PT!!
Welcome Narya to our little space in the wide universe... Enjoy your stay here

My favourite is also Nenya, followed very closely by Narya Orc Smiling Smilie A good name choice Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

If you would like any help with an avatar, don't hesitate to message me Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Hi again Narya, when Loss says message him if you want help with your avatar, he means send him a Private Message (PM) which you can get to via the Messages link on your My Account page, the Create Message link is in a box in the upper right hand quadrant. of the message page, the page where you get all those daily mithril messages from Grep. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks for all your posts! Surprisingly, Nenya is my favourite too, but, like I said in my journal, I am a very loyal gandalf fan. And the stone in his ring is red like my birthstone, so I couldn't resist!
Let me also greet you! I'll look forward to your posts Smile Smilie
Oh no! Just what Middle Earth needs - another Elf!

*I's an echo* Orc Grinning Smilie