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A hearty salutations to everyone.

My given name is Shaun. I was born in the American city of Baltimore, Maryland and live on it's outskirts today and I am 30 years young. For as long as my living memory I have had a great interest in fantasy/sci-fi type stuff. My first memory of anything Tolkien related was around 1984 when The Hobbit cartoon came on public television. I was a child and something about the movie resounded in me as I recognized that it was "not just a kids cartoon".

Much later in life I was hanging out with my cousin and some friends who were playing a game called "Middle Earth Role Playing" or MERP. This was a dice and paper, table-top D&D type game based on Tolkien universe. Playing this really set my mind ablaze. I was about 13-14 years only and shortly after I read every Tolkien book that I could find and also bought my own set of MERP books and began running games of my own and did so from about 1991 to present day (with many long pauses in between). Just recently I had been able to find some people with enough interest for us to meet on Saturday nights. These past few months have actually been the first prolonged MERP playing in about 5 years.

ANYWAY! enough about me. More about Me Wink Smilie
(Oh yeah, the name Henionolwe is and old befuddled translation of the Quenya "Eyes of Secret Wisdom" from my MERP character long ago that stuck with me)

I have had always had a great interest in "meta-physics" or your general spiritual/philosophic type stuff to say the least.. A lot of my belief structures have evolved a great deal from the nights as a child trying to do astral-projection Tongue Smilie
But to the point of the Tolkien Universe, the notion of The Music intrigues me to no end.

As slowly becoming a bit of an "armchair physicist" in regards to quantum mechanics and the roots of Time and Space and consciousness and everything else.. the entire notion of concepts such as "Timeless Halls" and the great patterns of Music of the One and the Offspring of Thought and that notion that everything is essentially a part of some Music.. a note that makes up the whole of the chord and whatnot.. I feel that a great deal of these things (at least metaphorically) have some kind of cosmic credibility. In the same way that Tolkien professed that one may learn more about a people from their myth rather than their history; I feel that a great many truths may be deduced from abstract concepts... truths that lay on a essential emotional level which are rooted in "Timeless Halls" that is to say; Outside of the Bounds of Space/Time... which is the place of timeless abstract emotion... which I feel is most beautifully represented by Tolkien's works.

Wow that almost became a tangent. Plenty of time for those later.
So after a wonderful MERP session last night I've decided to further rekindle the flame of my Tolkien fanaticism.

I thank you all for having me at this most wonderful community.
Hello Shaun, and welcome Smile Smilie

Hello Henionolwe, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Sorry about the delay in greeting you, it wasn't on purpose. Today is the first time I've seen your post. For some reason our forum machine often doesn't register new posts until they have been answered once. When making a new thread, I often follow it up with a temporary dummy post which I then delete in order to get the thread to register.

Share and enjoy
Henionolwe I welcome you to PT, and I can say it is a wonderful site for avid Tolkien readers and newcomers to the series. I can't wait to see some more posts from you! Big Smile Smilie