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Hello, my name is Ereinion Gil-galad (Gil-galad for short) and I am a young Tolkien fan. I was killed in Middle-earth so I came here instead and am currently haunting Sauron's spirit. Also, if anyone has seen Aeglos recently, I am offering a reward! I miss my spear very sorely.

Many greetings to you all.
A Aran-Ereinion!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien! We do not seem to have a Sauron visiting here at present (though you may wish to haunt Lord of all, as he is probably of close kin to the Dark Lord) and I have not seen bright Aeglos since Napoleon threw it away on the battlefield... I wish you good luck in finding it though. Sorry to say that there are no treasure-hoarding dragons on this planet, yet either. You will meet a lot of your kin, though!

And I encourage you to speak up in the discussions about the books and movies!
Hello Gil-Galad and well met my friend. I hope you will enjoy yourself here as much as we do.

If you're looking for Sauron then the Green lady is right, Lord of all, is the closest thing to be found nowadays. And if you're in search of Aeglos then you could visit The Khazad Dummish Inn in Roplaying guilds and speak to its worthy keeper, Grondmaster, also known as Grondy. He may be able to help you. Dunce Smilie

See you around
Howdy Gil-galad, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Be warned though, to get your first drink in the Khazad-d’mish Inn, you must first sing us a song or recite a poem. It is quite painless and everyone has had to do it. I may have some ideas as where to look for your spear; was it the same as your lance in Sam's song?

His sword was long his lance was keen,....
Greetings Ereinion Gil-galad,

Enjoy your stay... If you wish to do some searching of another kind, we have a few spiders, possibly some orcs and a couple of Nazg’l... But they rarely show their face... Orc Smiling Smilie

*Loss straightens his blonde elvish wig and ears above his empty face... whistles and leaves the room with a curdling scream...*
Oh gasp!
I KNEW there was something up with you, name-changer!
You have been away for a while havn't you ole Clover? My name has been like this for a few months now, the previous one I chose was too much of a mouthful, Loss is far more easier to say and type... Plus, everyone called me Loss anyways Orc Smiling Smilie Including you Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Oh it's not the first time I've seen you under your new alias. I remember returning to the Planet one day and seeing this shortened name beside that Witch-king avatar you used to sport. It was only then that I realized that the Almighty Council had decreed that we citizens should be permitted to rechristen ourselves.
"What's in a name? That which we call a thistle
By any other name would prickle just the same"
And behold! Those exact words were ones that sprang from their herald's lips as he gazed sternly at all our good citizens.
Thank-you all for the hearty welcome.
Cloveress, thank-you, you may be sure I will tour Napoleon's battlefields, and haunt Lord of all. Thank-you for the thought, but I have never benn really interested in killing dragons; orcs were generally more my thing.
Many thanks, noble dwarf Thorin. You may be sure I will look in The Khazad Dummish Inn and question it's barman, Grondy.
Thanks Grondy, I am honoured to be counted your brother. I shall sing your song (though I hope it doesn't have to be original) and Aeglos is the spear spoken about in that poem (it was a popular one in my day) but I am no good, I am afraid with the recent goings on in Middle-earth, as I am now only employed half-time. I took my long service leave during Sam's time, when everyone thought I had been hit by Sauron! How absurd!
Hello, Loss. You'd better not reveal your true identity: I beat your master, a mere servant is nothing. Until then: my heartiest salutations!
Greetings once again to all my fine comrades!
So, you're a Communist?
Me? No! What makes you think that?