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Thread: New members?

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I'm also a Whovian, Sherlockian and a Merlinian (?).

Hello all new members!! 

Excellent to know there are other Whovians, Sherlockians, and, sure, we'll go with Merlinians :P  

Wow Amarie, you're a Merlinian!? So coolSmile Smilie I'm in love with that series. Wink Smilie

I had to watch an episode because Arthur looked so much like a friend of mine. I just had to see what it was about. Castles, dragons, knights, magic and freakishly talented Colin Morgan... I didn't have a chance! Wink Smilie 

Welcome to all new members! Wait, what, Merlinian?

Oh well, that sounds strange, but I guess you can include me in the club. All in the name of swords, knights, dungeons, dragons and more dragons! Waiting for the fifth series to air completely, then I can start watching it.

Anyway, I'm Oerath. I'm a poetic writer, and if any of you should be interesting in writing, you should find plenty of stuff from our little poetry thread, called: 'Do you have a poem to share'.

Also, if music is your thing, why don't ya seek out Musician's Guild and stop by. It may be outdated at the moment, but by all means, that if something can always be changed.

So, welcome to Planet Tolkien.

And if anyone of you should find me from the chat box, feel free to throw me with a message, and I shall answer to it. Smile Smilie

Wait, what, Oerath: Merlinian. Help!!! Are you serious!? *smile* Amazing! Can't you watch season 5 at youtube or BBC iplayer? It's amazing!!! Oh, if you don't stop me I'm going to spoiler this thread with all Merlin things from season 5 so far. Smile SmilieSmile SmilieSmile Smilie Sorry, *fangirl moment* xD, don't take it to serious!


And again, Welcome at Planet-tolkien. Wink Smilie

Well Arwen, I'm used to that Smile Smilie but I don't watch Sherlock. I do like Merlin and especially Doctor Who though. But still, "whovian" "merlinian" and such are weird words :p


I think Whovian (etc.) is funny words too, seems to be an English (-speaking) thing to make such words? Or is that me being clueless agian. Wink Smilie I heard it first from a die hard Scotish dr Who fan, so I thought "Well, when in Rome...".

I still haven't had time to watch Merin episode 7 of season 5, getting an hour for myself isn't always as easy. But both me and my boyfriend likes dr Who, so there we are waiting for the full season before we start watching. We rewatched all episodes from season 1, easter specials and all.

We have Game of thrones s2, but for some reason I haven't been in the mood to see it. 

Hello all!  Having just joined, I don't know what sort of culture this website has.  So I say a bit about my own relationship with Tolkien's work.

I've been interested in Tolkien since the early 1960s when I was in high school.  This was in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I don't remember if it was before or after we moved out in the country NE of Columbus.  Anyway I missed a few nights sleep that first time around reading LOTR.  I was also spoiled on all fantasy thereafter.  I couldn't bother with lesser writers.  I did still like Science Fiction, however.  I'd started reading SF in the late '50s.  I was pleased a while back when I started working on my genealogy to find out I was a 4th cousin twice removed to Robert Heinlein, though I never met him. 

Enough for one post... Oh, just one more thing.  I picked Dodo as my screen name simply becaue it rhymes with Frodo and my real initials are DD. 

Welcome Dodo. I'm Arwen. I'm one of the council members(moderators), so if you have a problem tell me. Smile Smilie You can recognize the council members by the little thing under there avatar, which says "council member"
I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions I'm here!


Arwen, *the little elf*
Amarie, I know this is (a bit/a lot) of topic. But MERLIN IS GONE END. THE LAST EPISODE WILL BE AT CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

Wait, Merlin is ending?!?! That not even possible! It's ending so early! Well, I guess 5 seasons doesn't qualify as early, but still! That's so disappointing.

Well, anyways, welcome all you newcomers! It always makes me smile to see a new face. I've not been here as long as some, but if you see me in chat, feel free to talk. I'm not on all that often anymore, because life has me running back and forth from everything to everything else, but I'm here when I can get here! I hope you all, Dodo, Indalas, Alaenor, and whoever I might be missing, enjoy thoroughly the company we are at PT.

Ah...Merlin, Yeah, I heard talk about it on livejournal before season 4 ended. A part of me really doesn't want it to end, and the other half doesn't want the story dragged out more than it already is. 

Welcome to PT Dodo Share and Enjoy


Hi. Smeagol is here (Prepares to be tackled by girls)

SMEAGOL!!!!!!!!!!!! WelcomeSmile Smilie

(Opens eyes) No one tackles Smeagol?

Whys? Hi........(trys to catch fishes)

Welcome to PT Smeagol .hope you find some interesting Fishessss around Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy

Smeagol!!! There are plenty raw fish around here so enjoy xD

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Smeagol. I hope you enjoy of your stay.

Greetings and well met my friends. I am Durin the Deathless. I hail from the woodlands of Louisiana, strange for a dwarf don't you think? I look forward to meeting you. May the Valar protect you.

Welcome again. You will make a lot of good friends here, for sure!!

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Durin. My name is Oerath Windsoul, or just Oerath and I wish you good exploring times. This site is full of wonders. Smile Smilie

Thank you Oreath. I appreciate the time you took to coment on my very humble posting.

*Arwen wonders which wonders Oerath thought about when posting that* *smile*

heh heh. yes, i noticed that typo as well, sorry oerath.

Welcome to PT Durin Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy

Typo's never hurt. I've seen many people saying 'Oreath', which is not a bad name at all. Smile Smilie

@ Arwen: Umm.. Forums, poetry, things? Big Smile Smilie

Well, I guess I meant to use the word: 'magic', since I truly think that this site is magical in every possible way.

By the way, I wouldn't have thought that I'd say this, but last night, I visioned that I'll start reading Tolkien's books again. So, now that I've seen such a vision, I must do it, since I strongly believe in visions and dreams.

I think I'll finally buy myself some english prints that I don't have yet.


Hullo everyone! i assume the reason i am here is about the same as everyone else's: i grew up with Tolkien's works first being read to me, then reading them myself and then watching PJ's amazing movies.


i am a Hobbit from Hobbiton, no doubt about that. i am really tiny and i love eating, a good book and my peace. Other than that i love friends.


i have moved to a city of men recently to study there but once i am done with university, i will return to the Shire and enjoy life and try to use my knowledge to help people. i study social work, with the focus on movie work and photography.


Hope i meet many lovely people here to chat with and share my love for Tolkien's work.


A new Hobbit in town .how cosy .Welcome to PT Lilia primula baggins

Share and Enjoy

Welcome to PT, Lilia. Hope you have a great time and enjoy. Feel free to post anywhere you like Smile Smilie
Welcome Lilia, Enjoy your stay. I'm sure you will met some lovely people here to chat with.

@Oerath *Arwen smiles at Oerath. Poetry, my friend, of course!*
Please begin reading them again. And please read The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, worth it!

Welcom to PT, Lilia.Enjoy your stay.

Welcome here new friend!

Welcome.....oh wow precious, smeagol is begining to wonders if it is normal for so many peoples to surround someone if they say hi? - eats fish...nice juicy sweeeeeeeet fissssh-
We thank you Arwen Mellon and bederaos.../ sorry, I can't spell worth a precious/
Beradras...I think........

Thank you all, for the warm welcoming And have yourself a wonderful Christmas!

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Lilia. I hope you'll enjoy of your stay.

Drewbyrd here, raised on Tolkien since before they said that no one would ever dare create a film based on his works. I love his stories, and no matter how much I engross myself in them,I can't seem to get enough. The older I get, the more respect I have for his work, and love finding friends to talk about it with!

Hello all,


Andrwyn here, looking forward to get to know other Tolkein fans. Any tips for a newbie would be great.



Welcome to PT Drewbyrd Share and Enjoy

Welcome to PT Andrwyn Share and Enjoy

Welcome both of you. Smile Smilie

any tips for a newbie, let me think....first of all I think it's good to know who are the council members(moderators) here. The council members are: Taz, Valedhelgwhat, Rednell, Amarie and meWink Smilie So, if you have any questions/problems about this website ask one of us! And we will always answer your question as good as possible!

And if you want to talk, just send me a message. Smile Smilie


My name is Bart, and I am from Saint Cloud, MN U.S.A. 

I am an avid fan of Tolkiens writings, and have been for over 4 decades now. I have read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy more than 2 dozen times and I enjoy them as much each time as I did the first.

A friend of mine once accepted my challenge that he could pick any sentence out of any of the four books (the Hobbit and the

Trilogy) and I could tell him what book and chapter it came from, and who was in the scene and what was happening at the moment. He finally refused to play anymore when he read the sentence: "They slept." Of course he quit because I was able to tell him all the information I had said I would and had been able to do the same for quite some time regardless of what he read to me. I think he thought he had me on that one.

I am not relating this for any reason but to say I am a long time fan, and I am hoping to be able to find a kindred spirit or two on this site.

Welcome to all new members!! Orc Grinning Smilie

Welcome to PT Imbartman  Share and Enjoy


It's also good to see you again Thorin Smile Smilie Big hug from Norway

hehe With my constant appearance and disappearance I was just thinking I may need my own thread :P


Big hugs to you too Mellon and pass my regards to old Raffy Big Smile Smilie

Then we ougth to be two in that thread my dear friend .I'll give my dad a good hug Thorin Smile Smilie

Greetings everyone!

I'm glad to be here with all of you.

This website community seems GREAT!

Cheers from a Tolkien fan from Greece!

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