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I am Rissien Idhrenion of Lothlorien ("River of Wisdom" in the Common Tongue). My second elven name, is Gweacla, Lord of Rivendell. This name was former to me, as I now reside in the realm of Lothlorien, the land of my forefathers. I was raised in Rivendell and presided as Lord for a time, but grew weary and desired a simpler existence. I passed the role of Lord of Rivendell to my brother, and left for Lothlorien with his blessing. So henceforth I became Rissien Idhrenion and live now in peace and harmony among the Galadhri. My most intimate name I will not share here, as I do not yet know you, my brothers. But I shall dwell in Lothlorien until I long for the lands to the West and depart these shores for Valinor. For I have the power of foresight, and the life I had in Rivendell did not bode well for me. I foresee many years of happiness and harmony here in the woods of Lorien, until the sea calls me home. I am 1245 years of age, and I can see where you would doubt my skill as Lord of Rivendell, and you would be right to do so. For this is why I left...I was mistook my foresight for unparalled wisdom and this led me and my people astray. Here I wish to reside in peace, in no role of authority or renown. I wish to develop fond relationships with my brethren here and live a simpler life with the Life and Grace of the Eldar. Thanks to you all for reading my brief introduction.

Mae govannen melloneamin.
My real name is Cory Parkinson, I'm 20 years old, and have been a LotR fan since the age of 5, when first I read the books with my father. He read them to me until I was able to read, then I read them to him. I've followed the films extensively and anxiously await the Hobbit films. I am in the process of learning Elvish...albeit slowly, lol.

I attended the University of Michigan for a time, but had to withdraw due to health problems. I am disabled by a genetic disorder that has caused me to have numerous major surgeries on my heart and my leg (due to bleeding).

My family is in the process of moving to CA, from here in Chicago, to a warmer clime where my fibromyalgia and other pain might be eased by it.

At UM, I was a music composition major at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. I was the only freshman composer accepted at this prestigious school in an even more renowned department of famous and successful American composers. My major instruments are voice (bass-baritone) and piano. I have won over 10 awards for my compositions, and have been equally lauded for my singing. I'm not a concert pianist, but I am quite proficient and am an excellent sightreader, which makes me a good accompanist/collaborative pianist.

I do not know what is next for me. I may choose to finish my music composition undergraduate degree at one of the UC branches, take the required science courses at a community college to enter med school, then go to medical school and become a diagnostician, cardiologist, or psychiatrist. Who knows what the future may bring, but I hope to have a little fun on this great site.

I hope you've liked the little fictitious bio I created for myself. My current Elven name actually begins with the Elvish equivalent to "Cory" and the last is a form of "wise." Cory means ravine/river in Scottish/Celtic, so I extrapolate the translation, in an effort to be more Elvish-sounding, to be "River of Wisdom." I know my fictitious back-history may be incongruous with the history of Middle Earth, and what many of you may have going on for yourselves, but I thought it was cool, lol--reason enough for me!

I look forward to getting to know you!
In Peace,

By the way, IF I were a hobbit, the name generator gave me this name...

Your Hobbit Name is
Will Took.
Took, a wealthy family who held the Thainship. The name had no specific meaning.

You share your Christian name "Will", with a Will "old Will / old Flourdumpling" Whitfoot: At the time of the War of the Ring, Will Whitfoot is Mayor of Michel Delving. He was said to be the fattest hobbit in the Westfarthing. On one occasion the roof of the Town Hole collapsed, covering Will in chalk and earning him the nickname 'Flourdumpling'. Soon after Frodo Baggins left Bag End, Lotho Sackville-Baggins began buying properties in the Southfarthing. With the aid of ruffians in the pay of Saruman, Lotho quickly took control of the Shire
hi corySmile Smilieas you can see i am a rohirrim but still i will welcome you.i am pretty new too here.and it was very interesting reading about you.hope we become friends.see you in the threadsSmile Smilie
I have more faith in men than many of my kinsmen at Rivendell...Rohirrim are known to me and I take friendship and counsel with them, and now you if you so desire. Like Lord Elrond, I give hope to men. What news from the Mark, friend?
... melloneamin.

Hello. I just thought I would note that 'Grey Company Elven' is better avoided with respect to Elvish studies. Grey Company does not represent any of Tolkien's languages despite that the roleplayers there have lifted some vocabulary from JRRT's books.

I recommend checking out the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship on the web, for a list of web and book resources (as well as an introduction to the term Neo-elvish).

Oh, and welcome Smile Smilie
You warm my heart Rissien ,with your kind words.why dont you introduce yourself in Hello?And my dear friend faith in man.elf.dwarf or hobbit is a matter of ones mind.i am sure you will find
friends in every kind.i am 20 too and i hail from India.i am a my 6th grade studying under The royal school of i study economics to satiate my math craze but i am safely a poet at you mind if i add you to my buddy list?i would love to learn more about elves and your songs.see you aroundSmile Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Rissien,I hope you like it here. Happy Elf Smilie

...why dont you introduce yourself in Hello?
Rissien introduced his avatar in the first to post of this thread and himself, Cory in the second.
G'day mate, welcome
hello i am new this thread for and by elves?
It's a welcome thread for Rissien Idhrenion, however, if you want an elven thread you could try The Elven Guild.
Thanks to Galin for the advice. I just liked the way the list from that particular group was organized. I'm learning Quenya...slowly, and now that I have the Quenya course from the site you recommended, I think that's what I'll use. Sindarin will come next, lol. I'm fluent in German already, if you wanted to know.

Odette, you may add me, as I've added you. You honor me with your friendship, Horsemaster.

By the way, is there anyway to reply to specific persons' posts in a thread?

Hantald’ Meldornya.
M’ra mesta.
I, Rissien, have just added my avatar. You might notice that it's Haldir from the LotR film trilogy. I chose it because it's close to how I envision myself and I don't know how to make custom avatars. It'll suffice for now!
Rissien i just love your kind of like that tall,silver cloaked,green brooch look dont you?Smile Smiliethanks for adding me.and join more threads pleaseSmile Smilieand i think you can message people(though that would cost you mithril).
Yes Rissen, you can PM (private message) individual members via 'Account", 'Messages', and 'Create New Message'. And at the bottom of the home page is the weather dependent cost of sending PMs from one place to another. And you do receive 20 mp each day you log in, so the cost isn't prohibitive. Orc Grinning Smilie