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Thread: Khazâd ai-mênu!

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Hello Hobbit community. I'm Mark "Merik Bargolwash". I am a musician. I play guitar and mandolin. I recently just released an album. I love LOTR and especially the languages Tolkien's invented. I love Dwarves! Have any questions about me, ask.

By heart and head!
What's your album called? Do you have any online info about yourself as a musician? (e.g. a myspace, website, forum...)

Great to have you on board!
why thanks for asking about my music.
my album is called "The Bright Side"
you can hear some of my music at myspace.com/markvanmusic
or go to my website http://markvanunenmusic.webs.com
I'm not the great vocalist out there. I just write songs and hope my message gets out there.
It's good music, I gotta say. Full of soul