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Thread: Hi, I'm new ...

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Read the LotR books in 1981, can't wait for The Hobbit movie. Favorite LotR characters are Rosie Cotton, Eowen, and Goldberry. That's all I can think of ...

Welcome to PT Brykmantra, it's brilliant to have you here. You should introduce yourself properly on the member's details thread; there you can learn about other members too.

Oh, sorry, I thought this was where we supposed to introduce ourselves ... again, I'm new, lol! 

Welcome to PT! Glad to have more new people here Waving Hello Smilie Oh, and don't worry new member are allowed their own threads to introduce themselves! You should drop by one of the games thread or the trivia one sometimes and take part in the fun! 


Thank you for dropping in, I hope you come often and get to know and admire the folk here like I do. There is a great deal to learn and I am sure you have much to teach us as well.