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Thread: NZ as Middle earth...again

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Out of curiosity I looked to see if they where going to film Hobbiton at Matamata again, and sure enough they are, which is no surprise I guess since the majority of the work has been done, they just need to rebuild the hobbit holes and put them back in place. According to PJ he wants to use many of the sets from LOTRs for the Hobbit, which is a shame because I'm way up the top of the north Island and with a family now it's just too hard to get down for extra castings, oh well......with my ugly mug I'd end up as an orc or something anyhow. Big Smile Smilie
That's so exciting that you're really close enough to the filming ! Even if you can't apply to be an extra you can visit the set!

ADVERT: Stop by the Khazad-dumish Inn for Gimli's Finest Ale, Warg ribs and balrog wings with Sian's tasty new dipping sauces!!
And look at the new doors!

Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Lol yeah well, I used to live in Matamata just after the last movie came out and I intended on going and doing the tour but it was so expensive and as you say Cheese, all you can see is little hills with doors or ply covered doorways.

Sian, I live miles away from the nearest set, Hobbiton would be the closest and that's about 5 hrs away. Where I live in Northland it's coastal so doesn't really suit LOTRs.
Five hours is close compared to where I am in the US Smile Smilie Anyway, if you can't go it's still exciting to think about Smile Smilie
I wonder where they'll film places like Mirkwood, Esgaroth and the Lonely Mountain (hopefully not all just CGI apart from close-ups). I hope Rivendell has the same design as before, as for everything else that coincides with LOTR. PJ will probably take care of that.
My guess is they'll do Mirkwood as a set, like they did Fangorn.
I reckon Mt Taranaki would be cool as the lonely mountain, I can't remember Tolkiens description but if I remember rightly his drawing of the mountain on the front cover shows a nicely formed cone shaped mountain, and that's just what Mt Taranaki looks like.Heres a pic
and here's one covered in snow