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Thread: Voice of Smaug

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There are some great suggestions in this forum for the voice of smaug, although i have to admit rickman would be wonderful, has anybody considered mark hamil for his voice acting work as the joker in the batman animated series? high pitched i know... but sinister..... yes!!! he has done a lot of voice work!
also im throwing in a second one.... michael dorn aka worf from star trek? he also has voice acting work in the cartoon gargoyles <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
i also have to agree that i would like a more foreign sound then an english accent.
thanks for hearing me out!
Hmmm,...considering both of your picks are American, I don't think they qualify as particularly "foreign" sounding :lol: . Though I kind of like the Michael Dorn idea as he has a great voice 8-) . But I think any American accent woud be extremely out of place in Middle Earth.

I think you mentioned Hugh Laurie as an elf on the Bilbo thread. May I suggest that his sarcastic wit and snarkiness (and British accent <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) make him a good choice for Smaug :mrgreen: ?

oh... I like that even better.... good call sir!
never even thought of that before GB! :lol: that is a very interesting idea... very interesting indeed!
Hi there, not sure how often people visit this forum, but just wanted to say hello since i'm new here..
and i have been reading peoples suggestions for Smaug and all have been cool, however has anyone mentioned that maybe Ron Perlman could do Smaug?,
I mean he's worked with Del Toro after all
he's got a good solid deep voice and with a little effects I think it would be great, but hey that's just one opinion amongst millions <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
just wanted to throw it in
have a great day everyone
Pearlman would be awsome. But I think he would be even better as Beorn. That and Del Toro's habit of putting Pearlman in his movies, and putting him in a heavy costume, put him in good running for Beorn. That and I think he could play a bearman really well.
Just as John Rys-Davies did Gimli and Treebeard, maybe Pearlman could do Beorn and Smaug?
I'm thinking Liam Neeson. I'm not saying this because of his job with the lion from Narnia (I can't even remember his name). I'm suggesting Neeson because he has that quiet, hypnotic accent/voice that sounds full of pride and mystery. They can even put his voice through a [i:22clvlbd]slight[/i:22clvlbd] filter to make it sound a little more booming. Like what they did with Hugo Weaving when he played Megatron (not bionic sounding, obviously. Just a good example of a voice filter).
Well Liam does have a great voice, but I don't think he does sarcastic, sneering, and dripping with evil like folks such as Rickman, Nighy, or Laurie.

I'm new here, dont know if this has been talked about but if you could get any actor you wanted and slow his voice down like they did for the so called god in 300, that would sound cool for Smaug.
Whoever they get, they are certain to use some effects to add depth and sub-bass rumbles. But a great voice actor to begin with is key.

I can't remember if we've discussed this or not, but it recently occurred to me that they should try Andy Serkis. Although I usually shy away from using someone who is already connected with LOTR, I think that Andy can do such drastic changes with his voice that it wouldn't be noticeable.
He's doing Screwtape in the Focus on the Family radio version of Screwtape Letters, btw: http://www.aiofanpodcast.blogspot.com/.
I dont know if this has been suggested before, but how about Vincent Price? He is famous for his distinctive dark and scary voice. You think he could pull it off?
Yeah, I saw that about Serkis doing Screwtape on Narniaweb, Beren. He's definitely on PJ's short list of On-Call Actors <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> (Gollum, Kong) so that's not out of the question. He is incredibly versatile.

I love the Vincent Price suggestion Zackira (and you know how obsessed with Rickman in the part I am :lol: ). But is he still...erm...alive :? ? *Must Google to find out*

I liked that someone mentioned Tony Todd. Deep voice with that hint of menace. With the right effects on his voice, he would be perfect for Smaug.
Even though he's already in LOTR, I think Hugo Weaving would be good. I love his voice for V for Vendetta.
I really really hope the dragon is not animated talking like in dragon heart <img src='/images/smileys/sad.gif' border='0' alt='Sad Smilie' />

Id rather it jus focus on his glowing eyes when he talks.
[quote="Zackira":3l55h97u]I dont know if this has been suggested before, but how about Vincent Price? He is famous for his distinctive dark and scary voice. You think he could pull it off?[/quote:3l55h97u]

Sorry, Vincent Price has been dead since 1992. Otherwise that could work.

I liked the way they did Ian McKellan's voice as Iorek in "The Golden Compass", but they can't use him since he's Gandalf. I suppose I suggest Steven Blum, since he has a large voice acting career. Also, I tend to like his characters.
[quote="Gandalfs Beard":2uurg07v]It doesn't have to be a British/Irish/Aussie actor but someone who can pull off a CONVINCING accent, either British etc. or European. Anything else would be severely out of place. For example: I loved The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but Michael Madsen's American accent as Maugrim the Wolf (always Fenris Ulf to me <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) just sounded totally wrong. [u:2uurg07v][b:2uurg07v]Just like Wyatt Earp speaking the Queen's English[/b:2uurg07v][/u:2uurg07v] would sound wrong.


No doubt... :lol:
Im going to throw you guys a curveball here. I agree with alot of the choices so far, but I am totally not convinced that it should be a british/austrailian actor. Some good choices are Sam Elliot (he played the Caretaker in the Ghost Rider), Nick Nolte, or the guy that played the head of the terrorists in in Iron Man.

Hugh Jackman would be on my list to play Bard of Laketown, to bad he is wicked busy.

For me the hardest role to cast would be for Thorin. He of all the characters in the Hobbit, was my favorite. He was so haughty and prideful and to be repeatedly humbled by a bumbling hobbit and that he recognizes his own folly in the book repeatedly indicates how good of a King he really was (Much like the way Theoden was portrayed in the Movies).
[quote="Beren":hokoirlx]The only thing I know is that Christopher Lee really wants it. But I have no idea who they are actually considering.[/quote:hokoirlx]

I've heard that to and think he would be perfect... <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
It doesn't have to be a British/Irish/Aussie actor but someone who can pull off a CONVINCING accent, either British etc. or European. Anything else would be severely out of place. For example: I loved The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but Michael Madsen's American accent as Maugrim the Wolf (always Fenris Ulf to me <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) just sounded totally wrong. Just like Wyatt Earp speaking the Queen's English would sound wrong.

Tom Baker. x Dr Who, has that deep gravelly tone to his voice.
either him or the mother inlaw. Just got to work on the voice. :lol: :lol: <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Tom Baker...Why didn't I think of him???? He would be an interesting choice. He was my fave Dr Who, and he was quite sarcastic when called for.

I think that David Warner would be a good choice to do the voice for Smaug. Warner has had a varied film career since appearing on stage as Hamlet in the 1960's and being deemed to be the Hamlet of his generation. He is best known for playing villains such as Spicer Lovejoy in Titanic, Jack the Ripper in Time After Time, Dr Erasmus Pea in The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse and all three villains in Tron.
It's great how a new pair of eyes sees things I've missed :roll: . Warner was awesome in Tron. He would be brilliant as Smaug. I'm putting him all the way up my list to...#2, right after Rickman :lol: .

I like the suggestion of Alan Rickman for smaug, as long as he doesnt slip into severus snape. what do you think about Gary Oldman? he was fantastic in Bram Stokers Dracula.
I can't remember if Oldman has been considered on this thread yet, but he also does Supercilious, Snide, and Evil well :lol: . Good Call Arwen.

He has [b:18g7o00k]GB[/b:18g7o00k], was only on page 5 or 6 of this thread when i suggested him <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />

[quote="Arwen Evenstar":3mdenmfz]I like the suggestion of Alan Rickman for smaug, [b:3mdenmfz]as long as he doesnt slip into [u:3mdenmfz]severus snape[/u:3mdenmfz][/b:3mdenmfz]. what do you think about Gary Oldman? he was fantastic in Bram Stokers Dracula.[/quote:3mdenmfz]

For that reason alone, he's out of the question...
I think the actor they choose to be Smaug's voice, his voice will have to be attractive & charming.. Though to also be sly & sarcastic.. I do think Bill Nighy would be an excellent choice.. But also Alan Rickman.. Remember him as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood? He stole the film from Kevin Costner <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
Sounds a bit of a stupid suggestion because he is getting rather old but I think Richard Briers might be right for the role, his voice suits Smaug's characteristics.

I also noticed on page 1 that Beren had said Christopher Lee would like to play the role (Don't know whether Beren shares the view) I think he would really suit Smaug but maybe he could talk with a slightly less serious tone in his voice as he did with Saruman (A bit off the subject but I think he really did suit that Saruman role well, and he probably could adapt a bit to play Smaug).
I don't thing I know the Gent B'arelyn (maybe I've been in the States too long <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) . Who is Richard Briers?

And by the way G2911, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Hans Gruber (Die Hard) are the characters that make me think Rickman is [i:2f64pmpd][b:2f64pmpd]The Man[/b:2f64pmpd][/i:2f64pmpd] for Smaug 8-) . But Nighy is a good call too.

Sorry just edited last comment so read the last little bit of my comment!

Oh and Richard Briers, British Actor, played the role Tom Good in the 1970s [i:21878c68]The Good Life[/i:21878c68] series, been in alot since, very good actor but now I'm thinking maybe he suits a Hobbit character more. I surprised you haven't heard of him.
I have probably seen him in the odd BBC programme that makes it across the pond to a "Public" TV station over here. Or even in past visits home. I'll google him, I bet I'll recognize him.

I think Christopher Lee would make a great Darkly Evil Smaug (he was the best Dracula after all), but I am not so certain about his sense of Humour. And I am hoping for a Saruman cameo, so I would prefer that whoever plays Smaug be someone different.

Your right about Christopher Lee maybe playing too much of a serious Smaug, in the book he is a sort of witty and clever sort of Dragon, getting the odd evil joke in where he can.

It would be good including the white council, would that mean including Sauron (known throughout the book as being the Necromancer if I remember correctly)?
I simply can't see Rickman as Smaug. Maybe I haven't gotten a good example of his voice, but it's just too nasally for my taste.

The person that I feel would be the number one choice would be Jeremy Irons. I'll give you an example of him: Scar in The Lion King.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx0lSRGM ... PL&index=3

His voice is so deep and evil, along with an almost snide or sarcastic undertone.
I think you might be right about Rickman. He certainly has the right undertones, and kind of dark sarcasm, that threatens violence. But as you say maybe to nasally, not particularly dragonish.

As for richard briers. I am really not sure, I dont recall seeing him in anything but the good life and perhaps that is skewing my perception of him, but he seems very jolly and friendly and not at all the kind of voice I would expect.

I could well be wrong having no recollection of his other work.
I suppose it depends on what sort of Dragon we think of when determining the right voice <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . If we think of the traditional serious and deadly Evil Dragon most commonly associated with European Dragons, then yes, someone like Jeremy Irons would be perfect. I wouldn't be [i:2o7gk82u][b:2o7gk82u]too[/b:2o7gk82u][/i:2o7gk82u] upset if he got cast, but I'd be mildly disappointed if they didn't choose someone like Rickman, Nighy, or Oldman. Those are the character types that would suit Smaug's personality.

Hi all i'm new here, but after reading this thread i thought how about Brian Blessed as Beorn? or is that too OTT? Or maybe Brendan Gleeson?
Also while i'm here what does anyone think about a role for Eric Bana? Either Thranduil or Bard ( I think Bard would be ideal).
Derek Griffiths..................................heads and tails.................
Derek Griffiths/Heads and tails??
Am i missing something? That doesn't make alot of sense to me, what has that got to do with The Hobbit?? Answers on a postcard to the usual address. :0)
Sean Connery (he has dragon-voice experience), John Rhys-Davis (he is already involved in LOTR, and has a great appreciation for the soul of Tolkiens characters--Treebeard, Gimli), or Peter Cullen (the guy who does the voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers films).
Sean Connery's experience is why many of us have already ruled him out <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> (though most of us still love him). John Rhys Davis has already played two roles as you yourself noted; I think that rules him out. And I hate to rain on your parade [b:f1wujmcs]Inahole[/b:f1wujmcs], but I think I would cry if Optimus Prime got the part.


I must admit Christopher Lee popped into my head the second I saw this thread. Maybe it's not such a bad idea.

(John Rhys Davies would be excellent for Gloin (especially if father and son are 'almost' identical to look at - nod nod wink wink).

When you guys say John Rhys Davies, you don't mean the director of the recent (and terrible) British Tv series of Doctor Who do you? I didn't know he did any acting.
No, Odo means Gimli/Treebeard <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Oh yeah! Of course, he's called John Rhys Davies as well, I don't think he sounds alot like a Dragon, dragons are surposed to be mean and cunning, Rhys Davies plays a kinda good hearted but slow witted kind of character.
Any ideas who played Gloin in tFotR? Perhaps they might concent to retake the role. Though his part neither shows or denies suitable acting talent.

Oops just realised this isnt the topic of this thread.

I wonder how they will deal with the talking?

I thought Christopher Lee might be a good choice to voice Smaug, and that John Rhys Davies might be a good choice to play Gloin. Gloin would then bear a strong family resemblance to his son, Gimli. He could be 'acted' differently, but look very very similar.


I wonder what color Gloin's beard was?
Hello Elladan

I forgot all about the other dwarves at Rivendell. I do know both father and son were there in the book. As to asking which actor played Gloin - well, I don't think Legolas would mind you doing so on his thread. Unfortunately, I don't know which dwarf Gloin was, so I can't begin to help. Gimli, did seem to be their leader in the movie, like Legolas was leader of the Elves there. Does this suggest (in the movie version) that Gloin did not even come to the Council of Elrond?

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