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Thread: Actors to play Bilbo

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how about shia labeouf i think he could pull of the look, need some work though
Isnt he way too young to play Bilbo?
Shia Le Beouf ???? :? That would be NOOOOOOOOO!!!! He's fine in lightweight stuff like Transformers. But I don't think he has the chops.

I also heard that James McAvoy was up for playing Bilbo, I think he'd be awesome. If David Tennant gets the part, I'm not going.
I also heard that the annoying kid from Harry Potter might be in it...Daniel Radcliffe? If he is, I am boycotting the movie.
Lord of the Rings kicks Harry Potter's ass.
The James McAvoy news was immediately debunked. Tennant is unofficial and no one knows about that. Radcliffe is just a rumor spread by people who do not care one whit about The Hobbit (at least, that's what I think).

And btw, there are some people on here who like Harry Potter, so you'll have to respect that.
LIke Me :lol: . But even I can't possibly see Radcliffe as Bilbo. But I still think he could pass as a young Frodo. And as much as I like Tennant, I don't think he looks right for Bilbo either (though I think he could pull the part off if he weren't so different looking from Ian Holm).

Colm Meany is my first choice but I think that Anton Lesser and Matin Freeman look good for the part.

Just wanted to say Daniel Radcliffe may seem like a stretch for bilbo, but is it possible people are getting caught up with his role as Harry Potter?

If you consider the earlier posts of how Bilbo is 50 years old when he sets out on the journey in the hobbit, its possible you may have forotten something?
In Lord of the Rings in chapter 3 - Three is company, Frodo had made up his mind to leave the shire on his fiftieth birthday - the same age as Bilbo left for his journey in the Hobbit. When you look at the LOTR movie, Elijah Wood was 18 when he played the role of Frodo, a 50 year old Hobbit, so would it not then be possible or probable that Bilbo could also be played by someone of 18/19 years of age?

Im not suggesting Daniel Radcliffe would or should get the part - i only mean to say that having an actor who is 50 years old or there abouts wouldnt be in keeping with the LOTR movies, if Peter Jackson or Del Torro want to have continuety for the films.

What do you think?

Surely if you enjoyed Peter Jacksons LOTR and are a Tolkien fan you would notice the difference if both Frodo and Bilbo at 50 years of age at the start of their journey's appeared years apart on the screen version?

Ps, new to this so please dont take offence, im a huge Tolkien fan too!
You are absolutely right, even though Daniel Radcliffe was suggested as a young Frodo, not Bilbo. I know what I said earlier..about Shia labeouf..

[quote="Zackira":1fwgmuww]Isnt he way too young to play Bilbo?[/quote:1fwgmuww]

And Im wrong, of course, but I dont think Labeouf can do it anyway...
Actually, I (and possibly a few others here) agree with you up to a point Arwen. I noted in a post several pages ago that Hobbits seem to hold their age well into their 50s if one goes by the film versions :lol: . So in keeping with the films a younger actor does make some kind of sense.

But it also isn't an an absolute. One could argue that only Frodo's age has been changed for the films, as was the gap between Bilbo's party and Frodo leaving the Shire. Those kinds of changes made more narrative sense in the films (and frankly its also how I always saw it when I read the books :roll: ).

So I am not stuck on the idea of an older Bilbo, but it should at least be an actor who looks similar to Ian Holm--which puts Radcliffe and Tennant (both of whom I like) out of the running. But one last thing that could be a snag for continuity (unless one uses the Hobbits age well excuse), In the films if I remember correctly, Bilbo's age was established at his party--he looks in his 50s (because of the ring) yet he is 111, and Gandalf mentions that Bilbo hasn't aged a day. Honestly, I think at this point the best way to handle it would be to blame it on good genes instead of the ring.

[i:noi8znog]Damn, GB beat me too it, I'll still post the comment though.[/i:noi8znog]

Well Arwen, you have to be careful when comparing to Frodo's age in LotR. You and I (and also many others on this site) knew that Frodo was 50. But what about the rest of the audience?
From what I remember of the movie, the implied timeline does not include 17 years of waiting. This change lets the average movie-goer to consider Elijah Wood as only being 33 as opposed to 50.
I could see Radcliff, personally I wouldn't like Labeouf though.
One thing I'm a little worried about is that in the LOTR trilogy a clip was shown of Bilbo finding the ring in Gollum's caves, but the younger Bilbo was also played by Ian Holms except with brown hair. I hope that Del Toro takes note of this and that they'll try to keep The Hobbit accurrate to this scene, script and character-wise.
That's why they'r keeping Peter Jackson around <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Oh pish posh! According to the school of Star Wars, after The Hobbit comes out you get to rerelease a Special Edition Lord of the Rings with that scene reshot to use the new 50 yr old Bilbo!

Yeah Hollywood!!!

[size=85:oaa6h5s9][i:oaa6h5s9]Sorry, I get a little cynical every now and then.[/i:oaa6h5s9][/size:oaa6h5s9]
haha. that just might work Show :lol:
Yeah, and they might just do that. But it'd be a nasty band-aid fix. Disgusting.
As long as they don't use Return of the Jedi's new Anikin <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Though, come to think of it, I never liked the original Anikin :P . But, the switch really highlighted the continuity gap between the two trilogies. Lucas should have substantially aged-up Anikin and Obi Wan (and Amidala, and Luke's Aunt and Uncle too) by about 15 more years in Revenge of the Sith for the established timeline to make sense :? .

Due to the previously established excellent gene pool of the Bagginses, I don't really forsee quite the same difficulty in the Hobbit :lol: .

Here's a thought - what about Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) to play Bilbo? Have you seen this fellow? He's charming, talented, has an excellent screen persona and he's very British. Let's look at some attributes: Born December '69 he'll have just turned 40 at the beginning of principal photography. Yes. we all know Bilbo is 50 in The Hobbit, but that makes him closer in age by several years than most others rumored for the part. Height - 170cm (5'7"Wink Smilie. With a nickname like Hamster, Richard is already famous for his hobbit-like stature. And he already has large, hairy feet (OK, that's probably not true - if you have any information one way or the other, please post!). I'm going to put some effort into this. Let's see what happens!
Now, I dunno if this has been mentioned, but if Jackson/Del Toro intend to keep the trilogy and the new films in sync they will need a hobbit hero who appears to be roughly the same age as the hobbits in LOTR, i.e. somewhere between twenty and thirty.

My favourite candidate is Jim Sturgess.

If you haven't seen him in Across The Universe, do so. He's a good actor, has no trouble with accents and has the right appearance (I'm talking about facial features, eyes and such, not height or body mass index).

Other than that James McAvoy does seem a decent choice, and Martin Freeman terrific (in Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy he basically plays a modern Bilbo abducted by aliens), but both could tip the movie too much in one direction: McAvoy, the action-man (but a superb actor nonetheless) would make it too Dark and Epic simply by the nature of his good looks, whereas Freeman would make it too light and Disneyish (remember, I'm going mostly on appearance here, because that's the first thing the filmmakers need to worry about.

As for Tennant: No. Not right by a long shot. Well, ok, 1: he's british, 2: he's good, but he is so not right for Bilbo.
Radcliffe? That's just silly. If they were going that young and snapping leads from another fantasy franchise, they would take Matthew Lewis (who played Neville Longbottom).
Nick Frost for Bilbo? Nope, doesn't work for me. But I do hope they cast him as Bombur. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
I have some comments above and on the last page basically exploring the reasons for keeping Bilbo's and Frodo's respective ages similar for continuities sake [b:8n1ynmxu]Gollum's Lab[/b:8n1ynmxu], though that does run into the awkward problem, as [b:8n1ynmxu]Show[/b:8n1ynmxu] points out, of the sequence in LotR that shows a 50ish Bilbo finding the Ring. I semi-jokingly suggested that could be ignored and chalk up the youthfulness of Bilbo and Frodo to good genes :mrgreen: .

There are some continuity problems either way, but they aren't insurmountable if they just get someone that looks like a younger Ian Holm.

Frankly, I'm not really overly concerned that he look like Ian Holm. I know it should fit, but I'm more worried that he play the part right.
mmmm how about tom cruise, he the right size. no need for trick photography. :P
Can't remember
How about Cillian Murphy for the role of Bilbo? Remember Hobbits at age 50 are still young as they don't seem to age as fast as the Big Folk. And on another brain storm, ok, raindrop, Johnathan Rhys-Davies, off with the royal outfits. Not sure I spelled that name correctly, but you get my drift. A little 'tatoes and gravy, add a few pounds and I think one of these fellas could pull it off. Anywho, my 2 cents on the issue.
Funnily, it seems that my not entirely serious "Hobbits have great Genetics" Theory has caught on :P :lol: .

Why isn't Ian Holm playing Bilbo, I think films work best when they are consistant. If that video I've seen with Sir Ian McKellan on [i:2ul16635]the-hobbit-movie.com[/i:2ul16635] in which he pretty much says that the cast will be the same as in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I don't see the point in making the effot to preserve all the other actors positions playing the characters they did in the Lord of the Rings trilogy when the main character isn't. The continuity that would be built up would be sort of spoiled by that and I think it will be difficult pulling off a film in association with the Lord of the Rings trilogy with that handicap. I think they should look at middle earth in a different style with new actors, but I think the potential two films are definatley an exciting prospect whatever the outcome is going to be. :mrgreen:
[quote="greygeek":61k3o1n8]actor Michael Sheen who starred in Frost/Nixon ... he comes over as a really nice bloke too. I don't know how to post images but the pictures of him in IMDB show lots of Hobbity looking ones - and he is an utterly brilliant actor.[/quote:61k3o1n8]

I agree with you, Greygeek. I have seen Sheen on an interview show and he does indeed seem really nice. I think he played such a compassionate and evocative character in the Underworld franchise--I've liked him a lot since then.

Here is a link to a pic of Michael Sheen for folks' consideration: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/3 ... een203.jpg
[quote="francis fay":349v67jz]I would like to throw the names of two actors into the pot for Bilbo . They are the English actor TOM PAYNE

Francis, All~ I don't doubt his acting ability, as I've never seen his work, but I think that Payne has a very distinctive, emo-like and lean look. I think I can see him more as an elf, than a hobbit, IMO. Depending on how much exposition is added to the film, he could be one of the elves in the wood, or at the Battle of Five Armies, perhaps.
Sir Ian McKellen says he's pretty sure he knows who's going to play Bilbo!
I just wish he'd tell us and stop all the suspense :P .

Hi B'arelyn Dwarf and Welcome. I wish they would just use Ian too. Surely they could CGI his features a bit and youngify him <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

But that's just not in the cards so we have to deal with it and hope Del Toro and Jackson cast well. Given both of their excellent portfolios, I'd say whatever they come up with is likely to work out well. But hopefully they (or someone working for them) pay attention to forums like this and take some of our suggestions into consideration.

I heard Ian Holm isn't in the greatest health anymore, that's why another Bilbo would be needed
Hi Gandalfs Beard and rudu

I think your right that the film will work out well because of the people involved in making it, but I think they could take it to a higher degree of, you know, success, by either producing a film in a completely different style with new actors or being completely consistant with casting, not sort of somewhere inbetween. But I have no doubt the two films are going to be good although can you seriously imagine Jack Black taking on the role lol?

Oh and Btw I just want to ask, alot of the people who use this forum seem to be in a different time zone, so I can't really find any live discussion when I'm using the forum lol, I'm in the Greenwich mean time, time zone, I'm in the UK Btw.
central North American time
Well, I am a Brit too...living in California <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

And Jack Black did a very funny LotR spoof during the academy awards. If you haven't seen it you should definitely google it.

Took your advice I researched the Jack Black thing lol, very Funny :lol: . Is it all special effects and editing lol?
i found that Colm Meany suggestion pretty good at page 1 ^^

what i find is that this main role must be taken by someone who you can watch serious. you can't really if its a comedian.

to be really honest i would love to see [b:18xodmgo]Ian Holm[/b:18xodmgo] again.
just because he played bilbo in lotr.

i know he is even older now. but if he would accept and be commited, im sure with a good mask he can look very young and not artificial.
..just thought of Surrogates where they made bruce willis look like a young blonde guy ^^

but well. just me dreaming <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
In response to feedonbrains I think they probably will have a job youngifying Ian Holm but they have done it already in that introduction in the Fellowship of the Ring. In that small clip of Gollum loosing it he looks young.
I've been waiting for days now! a week actually, since Sir Ian Mckellen said that the actor to play bilbo would be announced. HOW LONG COULD IT TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's driving me up the wall! Plus, how cool would it be to be a part of the movie! like an extra?
Whatever happened to the idea of Colin Firth as Bilbo? Has he official declined, or are we just forgetting him?

Personally, I'd be happy with Colin Firth, Colm Meaney, and possibly Martin Freeman, if he could play the role of Bilbo in the Hobbit well enough (haven't seen him act, but he looks the part enough, based off the fake-out poster).

Colm Meaney played a very Bilbo-esque character in "Random Passage" - Thomas Hutchings, and I could definitely see him as Bilbo, perhaps even outlisting Colin Firth for me. I still really like the idea of Colin Firth, and his named bounced around a while back a lot - that's why I'm confused why nobody's mentioned him as of yet, while actors who look nothing like Ian Holm and don't portray Bilbo's character's as well are suggested.
if David Tennant brings to The Hobbit what he brought to Doctor Who i believe The Hobbit will be the movie of the year.
All very interesting but I think Del Toro will choose someone he know and has worked with recently in " Splice " namely David Hewlett of SG Atlantis fame, he has the right looks and age and can play the reluctant hero well.

Your thoughts?

I'm with you all the way, marandahir. I think that Meaney and Firth and them haven't been talked about lately merely because we've already talked about them. I have already voiced my opinion on this subject (Meaney), and now other people are bringing their (sometimes, with all due resepect, hair-brained) ideas to the table.

David Tennant and David Hewlett have no physical resemblance of Bilbo, which is why I am not for either of them getting the part.
I think you are right about David Tennant not really fitting the typical Hobbit anatomy and figure but I don't think Elija Wood and Sean Astin really resembled a Hobbit that much either... But really I think David Tennant is probably the wrong person for the role aswell.
Sean Astin fitted a hobbit pretty well. Elijah Wood really didn't (physically), which I was disappointed by. But his performance was so exceptional and beyond anyone's expectations that no one else is Frodo in my mind now. But since we already have a Bilbo in LOTR who is somewhat rotund, we must have a Bilbo in Hobbit which is much the same.
If you think about it, Frodo has often been depicted as more slender than the average Hobbit (and younger than the book version <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ) in a lot of Tolkien art and also Bakshi's LotR. I don't know if that directly influenced me or if that just reflects the general perception that people have of book Frodo. Perhaps Elijah Wood was (is) the Frodo that exists in our collective consciousness, which is why he was so awesome in the part.

Likewise, Ian Holm is the spitting image of the image of Bilbo that has always existed in my imagination, and again, judging by some of the artwork, many others as well. I'm with you Beren, on the casting of Bilbo. Casting someone who somewhat physically resembles Ian Holm is as important as their acting ability.

I think that Beren you are right about Elijah's performance in the LotR, he's American isn't he (?), and yet he speaks an almost natural English Accent, which is also true about Astin ( I think that Beren you are maybe right about him fitting the role but I think he is quite tall in reality lol).

Going back to what GB had just said about Bilbo existing in your imagination as being Holm, I have to admit I didn't actually picture Holm as Bilbo whilst reading the novel when I Re-Read the Hobbit after watching the LotR films. I have imagined his characteristics myself. He really resembled the interpretations that Tolkien had left us with and the fine illustration that John Howe has masterpeiced. But I agree with GB that he really does come as colse as a Human can come to looking Hobbit like.

What I really like about Holm is, that he is English and has been brought up as someone who is English, so he has already associated with and is aware of the sorts of English-type-things expressed thoughout the book, like Afternoon tea and lots of other very English aspects.
He played the part very well being the father of Victor Frankenstein, Baron Frankenstein, in the 1994 Frankstein film directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film was very closely linked to the book written by Mary Shelly who was very English as you may well already know. The Cast were almost all English. His natural Englishness (please excuse the words I've used like that!) and the links he has had to English Literature in the past really bring out the Bilbo that Tokien created.

I feel the role has to depend not only on looks or acting skills but on experience and natural ability to fit the character that Tolkien Portrays. I have meantioned my feeling towards Bloom in the `Should Legolas be in the Hobbit' by Tinuviel and I feel he has little links or connection towards the films or one of the greatest of fantasy novels in English literature, despite being English.

In my opinion the part should be played by someone who fits because of natural ability and experience. If Holm doesn't get the part then I think that James Macavoy would certainly serfice, although he's a bit young. He was Brilliant in the Cronicals of Narnia and really brought out the character Mr Tomnus well. He's also from the Ilses of Britain so would probably understand the role aswell.
Elves aside (I think they are supposed to be a bit ethereal/otherworldly as opposed to being "British" per se <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> , though definitely with a Celtic, Druid-ish flair), I concur that someone who looks, and acts naturally British should be cast in any role in the Hobbit/LotR.

Elijah Wood was so perfect, accent and all, when I re-watched some of his child acting roles which I had totally forgotten (Forever Young/Deep Impact) I almost fell out of my chair to be reminded that he was American. Now, even when I see him in other films, he seems British pretending to be American to me :lol: .

It's not so much that I pictured Holm in the role of Bilbo when reading the books, it's just that he looked like the image I always had in my head when I saw him on-screen. I agree B'arelyn, that McAvoy (with a bit of padding to fatten him up) would have made a good young Bilbo, but that seems extremely unlikely to pass now.

Ah maybe I need to get my facts straight in terms of Elves lol! But despite that I don't think Bloom was really right for the role.

I don't mean to upset the apple cart but I don't really agree that Colm Meany suits the role, he certainly looks Hobbit-like but he doesn't really look Bilbo Baggins to me.

Your very right about Elijah Wood, it really surprised me that he was American. I thought he could have been from New Zealand like many of the characters in the LotR, but his accent didn't really resemble any American origins. I haven't Seen him in any films since LotR being honest though.

Oh btw I thought I just mention that watching the films I have noticed the good characters have fine well spoken English whereas the forces of evil e.g. the orcs at Minus Morgal, speak very loosely and in slang (although thats a bit on the obvious side, I'm probably not the first to notice lol!). I think it really works and I think that the actor who plays Bilbo should retain his accent well.
I've been thinking about it a lot, and looking at pictures, and I now think that Colm Meany, while great for a supporting Hobbit role, cannot be out Bilbo - he's too old, and while having similarities to Holm, is too different to play it off as "being younger." He would make a good Hobbit with actual lines in the film though - maybe the old Sackville-Baggins, or the Gaffer's father (Hamfast is a child at the time of The Hobbit).

He could portray Bilbo well, IF Holm hadn't already portrayed Bilbo the way he did.

I'm now once more convinced that Colin Firth is the top choice for Bilbo, though Martin Freeman would be an acceptable substitute for me.

When I brought up Colin Firth, I was mainly worried that something came up like him officially announcing he has no intention of acting in The Hobbit, much like Radcliffe just did (thankfully, to put those silly rumours to rest).

One topic I'd like to bring to the fray is that of VOICE. If Ian Holm is the narrator, reading his book as some have suggested, the problem of Bilbo's actor having to successfully emulate Ian Holm's voice as well as his appearance, and still be a finesse actor comes to light. We don't want them sounding too different, but we don't want to force the actor out of a naturally feeling voice. It's not so much as creating an accent as emulating a single person's personal voice.
Though I like Meany for the role, I think your point about his age is a good one Marandahir. It does make him a little problematic. Though, he would work as Middle Aged Bilbo which is what Bilbo was supposed to be in The Hobbit, but all signs point to a younger actor in the part. So perhaps Firth or Freeman make more sense from that point of view.

I really agree with Marandahir that Meany will be too old to play the role, because I thought the whole problem with having Holm as Bilbo was his age. I don't see the point in a new face (which affects consistancy and continuety), but have all the same problems as before.

I agree Firth would fit the role well, he has had good links to past productions of Classic English Literature. He has starred in some good films (definately not counting [i:3nkjw3y9]Nanny Mcphee [/i:3nkjw3y9]and [i:3nkjw3y9]Mamma Mia[/i:3nkjw3y9]!), although being famous for acting in films with a slightly different audience.

I am really disapointed that Holm can't play Bilbo, it really doesn't seem right having every other character as before and the main character a completely different man. I don't see what the real problem with having Holm play Bilbo is to be honest...
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