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Thread: Actors to play Bilbo

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:? Do you mean a thread to explain and/or query Netspeak?

I meant about casting/extra questions since it seems like a lot of people sign up here for no other reason than to ask about that. *shrugs*
Hmmm, I wonder if it would make a difference. I doubt anyone would stick to the sticky thread. :roll: They just seem to post in random places sometimes. At least the recent posts have been on threads regarding casting. :lol:

I think DT is a fantastic idea. I have read many many of these posts and never taken the time to register and comment.
obvi I did this time. Hello and congrats on managing to keep this thread somewhat interesting. I like quite a few of you out there, your posts are great. others.... not so much.

I kinda like PJ's pick of hobbits for the original movie, some were bad, I don't like Sean A at all. ne w ays Merry and Pippin rocked so it should be someone like them, Bilbo is funny in my opinion so I think Colin F would be good, he does a great Irish accent and pretty much any accent he's done has been humurous in itself. i think he's kinda short too. Brad Pitt would be good too. don't laugh i think he does great accents. Lmfao Mickey in Snatch is classic. Jason Statham asa dwarf mabe digress i need to finish watching the Vancouver Chicago game

Go Habs, Ole Ole Ole

[quote:3cwxy6m7][color=#4000FF:3cwxy6m7]Live Well[/color:3cwxy6m7][/quote:3cwxy6m7]
You know Colin Firth isn't a half bad idea for Bilbo. :idea:

I love Colin Firth as Bilbo <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> I was thinkin of .. [b:2abef0a2]Hugh Bonneville[/b:2abef0a2] as the role.. ? <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> I think he is the role in looks, and he is brittish, and therefor, he can be a bit charmingly cranky as I think Bilbo can be in The Hobbit, as well as funny of courseSmile Smilie
HEY! A missing Entwife, finally after all these Ages :mrgreen: . Eru be blessed. Welcome to the forum <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> .

...GB!.... GB?.... No.... must have gone somewhere else.....
I have read so many opinions on why Sir Ian Holm shouldn't play Bilbo in The Hobbit movies, and I just don't understand why he was apparently not too old just a few years back. As Bilbo possessed the Ring for 60 years or so after picking it up from Gollum's cave, he did not age and therefore, although actually 111, he appeared to be the same 50+ years old when we first saw him in the LOTR at Bag End. After he gave up his ring to Frodo, he then aged and certainly did appear to be 111 when he took the ship to The West. He also appears to look like what us "humans" now look at that age for God's sake! Why won't people just think before they speak. It was approximately 17 years from the time Frodo was left/given the ring by Bilbo and the time he actually set out on his way from Bag End. Although it appears that Frodo immediately left, the movie actually doesn't really reveal just how long it was. Frodo used the ring during these 17 years, and was 33 when it was left to him and because of this possession of the ring, he looked the same (33) although was actually 50. In the movie Frodo could pass for a "young 33" and is similar in appearance age-wise as his companions. When LOTR was made, Sir Ian was not 50 years old, but quite a few years older than 50, but was very convincing (make-up,etc). to play Bilbo.Clearly, Bilbo Baggins was actually 111, but looked as if he did not age since taking possession of the ring, so looked 50ish. If the wizards at make-up could do what they did back a few years, I cannot see any reason why Sir Ian cannot reprise his role. This talk about Bilbo being "much younger" in terms of appearance between his adventure in The Hobbit until the time of the LOTR with Frodo is just not true. Bilbo looked the same as he did 60 years prior--note Gandalf when he is greeted by Bilbo at Bag End before the Birthday Party..."....you haven't aged a day!" Well, then, I realize that perhaps Sir Ian may not be physically "up to" the filming rigors now, but that would and should be his choice only. There is absolutely no reason other than that why Ian Holm should not play Bilbo. He played a 50ish looking hobbit in LOTR and with really only a few years passing, with all the technology and make-up tricks these artists now use, certainly they can overcome the years which have passed since the filming of the LOTR! All I can say is that I will be TRULY DISAPPOINTED if Sir Ian doesn't again play Bilbo in The Hobbit.
Hi Shelley, welcome to the forum! I think Ian Holm is a great actor, however:

[quote="ShelleyHC":2tks8eek]This talk about Bilbo being "much younger" in terms of appearance between his adventure in The Hobbit until the time of the LOTR with Frodo is just not true.[/quote:2tks8eek]

(See next post since there's a one-link-per-post rule)
[url=http://www.framecaplib.com/lotrlib/html/episodes/images/fotr/fotr0118.htm:2ird51wo]Main film[/url:2ird51wo]

They don't look exactly the same. Movie-Gandalf was presumably saying that Bilbo hadn't aged since some other meeting they'd had in the time between TH and TLotR.
Nick Frost is brilliant, perfect for Bilbo, but I gotta admit, Colm wouldn't be a bad choice, either. I'd still put Ian Holm first, though.
I think James McAvoy is the best actor i've heard to play bilbo but I also think Henry Ian Cusick would do a pretty good job, or maybe Dicaprio.
I think I would prefer someone a little older and perhaps not with quite the thinness and movie star looks. Someone ordinary looking, but obviously a good mature actor.
I suggested John Hannah a while ago. You may be right about the 'thinness' Grey Pilgrim <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> But I think he's capable, could be 'fattened' up, and not tooo famous !
I guess a lot of people see him as too 'comedy' ? He does a more serious turn in a crime serial shown here though.
Hello all,

Does anyone know why Ian Holm was not asked to play Bilbo? I have obviously heard all of the issues surrounding his age, but I didn't know if there were another reason. I'm only curious because this is how I see the age debate- at the beginning of Fellowship, when Bilbo finds the ring near Gollum's cave, it is meant for the audience to accept him as 51 (the age at which he began his adventure). I understand that those scenes were filmed over 10 years ago, but does it make *that* much of a difference if he were to play him again? BIlbo really wasn't young in The Hobbit, so I don't understand the concern over Ian looking a bit older. I know I'll have to inevitably accept it, but I cannot see anyone else playing Bilbo (as I'm sure is the same with most of you). Any encouraging thoughts are greatly appreciated haha.

Sad in the Shire,
Anjelica Baggins
Hello Anjelica,

I agree with you. The only problem is that Ian was not a young man 10 years ago - and he has not got younger in the meantime (as far as I know). A fifty year old actor - or a carefully made-up Ian Holm - would be more than fine with me.

No Less Sad in Bywater,
Odo Banks
I believe Sir Ian has been clear about not wanting to reprise his role as Bilbo for some time, so it'd be a bit pointless to ask him (though for all we know he was privately a long time ago). In any event, there can't be any formal casting yet, since the film(s) doesn't have an approved budget.
What about Rowan Atkinson? Would he be too old? :- Jane
Rowan Atkinson was tapped for Bilbo as an April Fools Prank last year Jane :lol: (this year some rascal spread the rumour Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame had been cast as Bilbo) . But in retrospect I think Rowan Atkinson isn't a bad call, as long as he doesn't channel Mr Bean.

Somewhere between Mr Bean and the Black Adder (last series) would work perhaps. I can really imagine him playing the role. But we would not want him to overplay Bilbo, no. :- Jane
At last, another member of the Sensible Sex on the Forum. I can't begin to tell you how refreshing that is, Jane. It's been just me and Tinuviel pretty much standing up for Women's Rights on this Forum for ever so long. And you will no doubt to be able to add to the debate out the pool of your long experience on earth. Eighty two years old!? My goodness. Eighty two and with a seven year old son... that must be a story in itself! :shock:

Yours affectionately,
Mirabella Banks
(Borrowed from one of GB's dreams).

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We only hope you have a brain."[/i:1gg0i8nn]

Wise Odo
(channelled on behalf of GB - who didn't even need to ask <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> ).
Never mind Wisey, Jane, all his [i:24zrsdiw]channelling[/i:24zrsdiw] ( :roll: :roll: )affects his own brain, I think - and his manners! :x
Oh orwrite she cancumonere solong azshee keepztatha dishus und babietaork!
Well might you do this :roll: Jane!
I have been typing then retyping posts - but when I do a lot of other posts keep popping up! Here I go again: thank you everyone for your [i:3fnk7wuj]kind [/i:3fnk7wuj](?) welcomes! :lol: :lol: :lol: :- Jane I hope this quick one gets in! :?
... having same problem... :lol:
I don't think Sir Ian is 'too old,' as not that many years has past since Return of the King/last filming. With technological advancements, make-up, etc., I believe it will be more than a mere 'disappointment' is he does not reprise his role. Ian Holm is Bilbo Baggins and unless by personal choice for whatever his reasons, cannot think of anyone who should play Bilbo but him. The only reason his did not look 111 on his birthday, and according to Gandalf (he hasn't) 'aged a day,' is because he possessed and used The Ring. Since he was a 'credible' enough Bilbo a few years back, again, no reason for him not to be the SOLE actor to play this important character. Many people, as evidenced by comments here and on other sites, have become 'attached' to this character and yeah, it's probably all 'merely psychological' , but because Bilbo is not only an important character, he really is "The Character" in The Hobbit. It just will not be the same for me and many people I have spoken to do not even want to see the movie if he doesn't play Bilbo throughout the whole movie(s)--and for the previously mentioned reasons, and only because of Ian Holm's choice to not wish to play Bilbo for whatever HIS reasons, I just don't buy the 'he's too old' stuff. Thanks to all of you guys and all of your 'welcomes' to me. I hope you'll all bear with me as I am new to this and basically 'computer illiterlate,' and already know I messed up at least two messages already!
so, no matter what opposing opinions anybody has or will have, I love you all as anyone who loves Tolkien and the 'Rings Trilogy", Hobbit, etc. is "good people"(like the elves) to me!
Sadly I think he is getting too old for the part. I suspect his part in the movies was long since finished by the time RotK made its sad way into the cinemas of the world. If its any consolation I went through this with Ian Holm playing Bilbo, as I knew him as the best Frodo there has ever been from the BBC radio plays. So I had to get over that (and the fact Elijah seems new to the concept of acting in comparison) as well as getting used to him as Bilbo, where he again defined the role. But even a role so heavily defined can be reinterpreted well- Spock in the recent Star Trek revamp is a good example of this.
Mr Tyrant, I certainly don't want Leonard Nimoy to play Bilbo! (Don't think I can't read between the lines! :x )
But he did the song!
"Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins! The greatest little hobbit of them all!"

All together now sing.
So, interesting new Rumour has it that Sylvester McCoy may be tapped for the part of Bilbo.

I have to say that I thought McCoy was one of my least favourite Dr Who's. But he certainly looks a good Bilbo, and I think he would be well suited to the part. What say ye all?

McCoy certainly looks a Hobbit. He appears very English to me (perhaps because I think he resembles Tolkien) and probably better-suited to being a Hobbit than the main Hobbit actors from LOTR except Sir Ian Hom, though they gave good performances. Unfortunately I think he looks a bit too old to play Bilbo, though he would have been great if he had been cast during LOTR.

I am intrigued that the original report does not say that he will be Bilbo, but rather, the [i:1ca6zkrd]second[/i:1ca6zkrd] biggest role. That makes me suspect that he might be Thorin instead, or even that they are getting in touch with him in case McKellen ends up dropping out after all.

Fascinating either way. :ugeek:
Yes - looks the part at least. When I saw the photo I thought, "Oh wow!"

How old is he?

You know, if both Bilbo and Gandalf resemble Tolkien in a way, I think it would be fitting. Like the two sides (please allow the over-simplification!) of Tolkien's personality.
[quote="Odo Banks":3125t7xl]How old is he?[/quote:3125t7xl]

He'll be 67 in August. To be honest he looks older to me, though.
The reports I've read suggest that he might be playing "Older Bilbo" telling his tale to young Hobbits, much like I've always suggested the adaptation should be handled. If that's the case, then it WILL be the "second biggest part", because [b:1nm3gtie]Younger Bilbo[/b:1nm3gtie] will be the central character.

Could be, though I would think that "Old Bilbo" wouldn't show up very much. I believe I've said it before, but I agree that that is the best way to do the films. Among other things, it allows for more narrator asides in the manner of the book and helps explain to non-book-readers why it's a different sort of story from LOTR.
Yes, "Old Bilbo" wouldn't have much screen-time, but he's still Bilbo, which essentially qualifies him for the "second biggest part", in the sense that he's playing the central character. In any case, Whether it's OneRing or Ady's Blog or Other, the Rumour centers around McCoy playing Bilbo. No indication is given that he is being considered for another part.

In the end, it's just a Rumour for now anyway, just like all the others. :roll:

An older Bilbo.... that got me thinking...
sounds similar to what we were trying to plan in our script...
McCoy seems a reasonable choice to me. Assuming he can do an English accent.
Shouldn't be a problem, I think he was born in good old bonnie Scotland !!
I like him for Bilbo. He does remind me of Blackadders 'Baldrick' though :lol:
Seems Mr Mccoy is the Chieftain this year of my local Highland Games- so on behalf of the forum I will take on the role of investigative journalist and see if I can get anywhere near him to ask about TH. The Gathering takes place on the last weekend of August so watch this space and hope I don't get arrested in the attempt!
Best of luck, petty!
Awesome, our own reporter on the scene. 8-)

I've got a feeling that Bilbo will be cast to a relative unknown. I remember Peter Jackson saying that he would not mind using an unknown to play Bilbo and would be looking at many actors for the part.

My first choice would be Ian Holm, but maybe he looks a bit too old, at least for most of the film. Or maybe James McAvoy? I heard that he is a keen LOTR fan.

I am sure that I'll like whoever they choose. I remember someone saying to me that they thought that Elijah Wood would be the worst Frodo they could of chosen, but now looking back she thinks that his performance was fantastic.

So as long as they don't choose Shia LaBeouf, we'll be okay....
[quote="Ally":2cuesrb9]So as long as they don't choose Shia LaBeouf, we'll be okay....[/quote:2cuesrb9]

I ... I don't even want to think about that. <img src='/images/smileys/sad.gif' border='0' alt='Sad Smilie' /> I'm not a fan of Elijah Wood (or as I call him, 'EW' :P ) but he was far from the worst.
Just to update I have contacted the organisers of the Highland Gathering Slyvester Mccoy will be Chief at and requested an interview- so when I get arrested for trying to interview on the fly I can at least say I tried the official channels first!!
I shall keep you updated as to the response- if any.
Don't get arrested unless you can access the forum from a prison computer. :mrgreen:
If you get arrested we'll send you some lembas bread with a file in it :lol: .

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