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Well the Rankin Bass cartoon version of the Hobbit and Return of the King were extremely odd looking anyway (I'm remembering Purple Elves wearing fruit :? , and the Orcs were bizarre too). I didn't care for them at all. Only Bakshi's animated version of LotR was any good (in my ever so humble opinion :roll: :lol: ).

i love peter's movies but i was raised on the orginal cartoons, one thing that was missing in the jackson movies is atmosphere. New Zealand is beutiful but its not nessarly magical. i loved the uruk hai, but the golbins were a joke, just good make up, i remember the sillowettes of dark orcs with glowing red eyes from the orginal lord of the rings cartoon, and the toad like orcs from the hobbit, the journey through the mines was alot scaryer in the cartoon than the movie. (with all due respect)
I do not think the goblins were a "Joke", and New Zealand is probably the most "magical" places to set LOTR in, it is rich with Lavish green hills, yet also has thunderous mountains and such. It is a wonder how most of the scenes they cast were not Graphically enhanced. . . New Zealand truly is a wondrous place, it is one of the last places left that has not been severely touched by industrialism.

Back onto Goblins and orcs. . . how intimidating can such things be without them looking totally ridiculous? Goblins and Orcs aren't suppose to be the most scary things in all of Middle Earth, and I think Jackson even pulled it off better then most could have. They were rugged, dirty, yet still flesh-hungry, growling, snarling beasts, yet they were not as intimidating as Balrog, but I would not want to have a cup o' tea with one of them either.

I respect your opinion in full, but I just think Peter Jackson directed the movie tremendously well.
Monty, if you are talking about Bakshi's version of LotR, then I must agree that the orcs were blooming brilliant <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> . I was also a fan of Bakshi's Wraiths. The rotosoping effects were eerie and used to good effect. Very psychedelic.

I must differ with you though, on Jackson's Orcs. I had always pictured orcs as kind of like Neanderthal Elves, and I was pleasantly surprised that the look of the Uruk Hai sort of captured that look and were very scary looking. I wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley (or have a cup of tea with them either <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ).

I can't add much more to LITD or GB, but I agree with them whole-heartedly. The orcs in the cartoon Hobbit were just weird and disgusting (in my mind). They were just a random creature that the filmmakers made up (their design, at least). The design of Jackson's orcs and Uruk-Hai were very true to Tolkien, and they went through many different designs before they arrived on what they got. Every minute detail about every single orc had history and backstory. I believe that no other orc could have been better.
I didn't like the Moria Goblins. They were short and hunched, and the whole crawling out of the ceiling thing was just weird. It didn't mesh at all with what I envisioned from the books.
The visual we get later, with the Mordor orcs, seems to work better. More huminoid in appearance but obviosly twisted by evil.
Which leads me to how the orcs came to be. Just like Peter had Saurumen tell the audience in the film, "...they were elves once." Morgoth captured them and twisted them to create the race of orcs.
So the orc designed should look, IMHO, like deformed and twisted elves.

Granted, thinking on this, I guess Peter's Moria goblins do kind of look like a twisted evil version of the Rankin Bass elves. Interesting.
The Moria Goblins were kind of in the traditional image of Goblins, slimy underground crawling elves. Whereas the other versions of Orcs varied from Pythonesque to Neanderthal Elves, to Freshly Escaped from the Lab Mutant Elves with Abnormal Growths :lol: , but all bigger and more designed for above ground battle.