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Thread: MGM financial troubles won't stop The Hobbit

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[quote="[url=]Hollywood Reporter[/url:ohz1bo2w]":ohz1bo2w]MGM has secured support from key lenders to allow the studio enough cash to proceed with its participation in "The Hobbit."

A recent proposal by MGM's new CEO Steve Cooper to defer interest payments on its debt load for the next three months on Thursday won a crucial endorsement from J.P. Morgan.

The investment firm leads a lenders steering committee that has been agitating for a dramatic restructuring of the Lion's operations and its ownership structure. In exchange for an agreement to limited interest forbearance, J.P. Morgan secured a few changes in existing debt terms.

Concern over MGM's hold on "Hobbit" is at the heart of the activity. In a 50-50 rights partnership with Warner Bros.' New Line unit, two "Hobbit" pics are being developed. [/quote:ohz1bo2w]
Yes, but that didn't hold water.

Will it stop it now? Who knows.