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Thread: Tolkien: #5 on Richest Dead Celebrity List this year

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I almost posted this in the Tolkien sub-forum, but this seems the best place. According to an article I found on BBC News online, Tolkien was #5 on the list of Richest Dead Celebrities this year :mrgreen: , his Estate taking in an estimated $50 million. Thus making Tolkien the Richest Daed Author, handily beating Dr Seuss and Michael Crichton 8-) , the other two authors in the top 10. The rest of the list can be found in the article linked below:


YA TOLKEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET THAT MONEY!!!!!
I have to confess I'm a bit surprised Tolkien is that high, but good for him (though of course he's dead ... good for the Estate I guess)! :mrgreen: