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[b:37z6yy9m]The Hobbit - Official Casting Call and Plot Details SPOILERS ahead[/b:37z6yy9m]

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Hmmmm I don't think the new characters.... though i've always thought Radagast the brown would be cool character as long as they don't ruin and cast Sean Cornery
What they're not casting Beorn? (or has he already been cast?) Great Goblin? huh?

[BILBO] A well-to-do, respectable Hobbit.... Although he doesn’t realize it himself, BILBO has a good deal of courage; he can be practical and resilient. He has a good sense of humour, and is able to appreciate the ridiculous. He is very quick on the uptake and is well read having been encouraged to read widely by his mother. The most distinguishing characteristic about BILBO is his humanity; he is empathetic with a big heart and generous spirit. LEAD. AGE: 25-35. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P.

[THORIN OAKENSHEILD] Heir to the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, Thorin Oakensheild was forced to lead his people far away from their homelands into exile in the Blue Mountains. Powerfully built and a legendary fighter, Thorin has led a tough and dangerous life and it shows on his face. He is sharp eyed and sharp tongued, proud in his bearing and un-trusting of those he does not know. But Thorin is also capable of intense loyalty, immense courage and surprising gentleness and humour. Thorin will be required to wear a wig and beard and some minor prosthetics make-up, like a nose or forehead, is possible. LEAD. AGE: EARLY 40’S to MID 50’S. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[FILI & KILI] Two Dwarf brothers, nephews to Thorin Oakensheild, the legendary Dwarf Lord who is heir to the Kingdom of Erebor. Fili and Kili are of noble lineage, not that you would necessarily know it from their relaxed demeanor. Fili being the elder of the two (Fili is probably fair haired, but this is not essential.) They are both good- looking, strong and expert fighters having been trained with weapons as from a young age.. Kili is more carefree and reckless. Fili and Kili will be required to wear a wig and beard, and some minor prosthetics make-up, like a nose or forehead, is possible. LEAD. AGE: EARLY TO MID 20’S. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[BARD] A BOWMAN in LAKETOWN, BARD is a direct descendant of the LORDS of DALE. Strong, weather-beaten and powerfully built, he is married with a young son. Quietly spoken, he keeps himself to himself, not bragging about his noble lineage or his skill as an archer.. LEAD. AGE: 35-48. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR REGIONAL ENGLISH, IRISH, WELSH, SCOTTISH (SHOULD NOT BE HEAVILY ACCENTED).

[GLOIN] A DWARF of the line of Durin. He is related to the more noble Family of Thorin Oakenshield, being a distant cousin. Of all the Company of Dwarves who set out on the Quest to The Lonely Mountain GLOIN is the most outspoken, opinionated and is not afraid to challenge authority. He has a tendency to be something of a gloom merchant, but despite this dourness, GLOIN is also strong and brave and loyal - and ultimately a lovable and endearing character. Well known to audiences as the FATHER of GIMLI. Gloin will be required to wear a wig and beard and some minor prosthetics make-up, like a nose or forehead, is possible. LEAD. AGE: 40-50. ACCENT: MUST HAVE A SCOTTISH ACCENT.

[RADAGAST THE BROWN] One of the Istari... Like the other five Wizards, RADAGAST has taken the form of an old man. Somewhat scruffy and prone to wandering the wilds,. He is however a close friend of GANDALF the Grey who holds him in great affection and admires RADAGAST’s gentle spirit.. He has a cheery disposition and a twinkle in his eye; RADAGAST is eccentric, forgetful and easily distracted. This role will require a wig, beard and possible prosthetic make- up. LEAD. AGE: 50-70. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[ITARIL] FEMALE, A WOODLAND ELF, this character is one the Silvan Elves. The Silvan Elves are seen as more earthy and practical. Shorter than other elves, she is still quick and lithe and physically adept, being able to fight with both sword and bow. Showing promise as a fighter at a young age, ITARIL was chosen to train to become part of the Woodland King’s Guard. This is the only life she has ever expected to live, until she meets and secretly falls in love with a young ELF LORD. This role will require a wig and contact lenses to be worn. Some prosthetic make-up may also be required. LEAD. AGE: 17-27. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P.

[ELF WARRIOR] An ELF-LORD of RIVENDELL. Tall and good-looking, he is very athletic and comes from a noble family. Wry and dry, with a sharp sense of humour, when forced into battle however, he is deadly with both sword and bow. Like all his race, he is a master horseman. This role will require a wig and contact lenses to be worn. Some prosthetic make-up may be required. LEAD. AGE: 20-30. ACCENT - STANDARD R.P.

[THE MAYOR] Otherwise know as The MASTER OF LAKETOWN ’ he is the quintessential politician. He is clever and cunning and has survived for a long time in his comfortable position through a combination of exaggerated promises and fear mongering. He is used to being in command and having people follow his lead; but when push comes to shove, he will always put his own needs first. LEAD. AGE: 40-60. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[PRIMULA BRANDYBUCK] Primula is a bright, lively and pretty young Hobbit. She is considered to be ’wayward’ and ’not proper’. But PRIMULA doesn’t care. - Prone to letting words and thoughts tumble out of her mouth without pause, PRIMULA can also be acutely observant. Kind hearted with a loving nature, she is the type of person who can light up a room sptv050769. LEAD. AGE: 18-27 STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[DROGO] Bilbo’s cousin, he has known Bilbo all his life and ends up becoming Frodo's father. Drogo's outgoing, friendly - likes his food and good ale and the companionship of others.. He is good looking, well liked and well known around The Shire and is a bit of a ladies man (in contrast to Bilbo.) He's not interested in the outside world. In fact, he's quite happy and content with his lot. He is naturally funny in that unintentional, Hobbity, English Village sort of way - someone who is immediately likable. LEAD. AGE: 25-35. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT (SHOULD NOT BE HEAVILY ACCENTED).

[ALFRID] A civil servant, devoted to the MAYOR largely out of self-interest. He is of indeterminate age - could be young, could be old. Despite being subservient he has his own agenda. Although he will take calculated risks - he is not a brave man. LEAD. AGE: 30-70. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[SMAUG] VOICEOVER ONLY. Two hundred years earlier, the Dragon SMAUG came down from the barren northern reaches and laid waste to the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. Sitting upon his pile of gold, he has grown to a truly immense size. Old and yet not old, his voice still carries the sense of a sharp and lethal mind. He is the most deadly creature in all Middle-earth - and he knows it. Sly, quick and ferociously intelligent SMAUG is a dangerous opponent and not one to under-estimate. If he has weakness it is his unbridled greed and his arrogance. His voice is part of what gives him is power - his ability to seduce, persuade and flatter, even to display a degree of charm. But any sense of civility or consideration for others is utterly false. He is merciless and without empathy for any other living creature. He is a killer sptv050769. AGE: 40-70. ACCENT ’ STANDARD R.P ACCENT

Source: SpoilerTV
That call sheet was a fake. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> See the following thread:

Yes - sounds like rhubarbthe first second you read it.

Sadly :cry:
Tin, what say I try to find (a nice) role for you in "LotRizing the Hobbit." Surely I can fit in at least one sensible, honorable, well mannered, respectable, gorgeous elf!

:mrgreen: Sounds good Odo!
[quote="marandahir":25nadosn]Fake wouldn't be the right word, though.... This is just an incomplete list.[/quote:25nadosn]

How exactly do you that this is the case, as opposed to the list being fraudulent and having nothing to do with the filmmakers?
Fake wouldn't be the right word, though.

It's not confirmed, and some of it is wrong. Doesn't mean that, for example, Itaril isn't going to happen.

It's probably just lacking some parts, and emphasising other parts that shouldn't be as emphasised. I can't see the Mayor of Lake-Town being a Lead, while Bombur isn't.

This is just an incomplete list.
I think Marahandir just means that we don't really know either way. I'm guessing it's not a "fake" list, but rather a tentative and incomplete list that got leaked to keep all us fanboys (and fangirls) guessing and interested. It could also be a floater (trial balloon) to find out what fans might think of some of the possibilities. I think it's probably a bit of both.

I'll grant that it's a possibility. I truly hope that it isn't though; I don't want a 25-35 y.o. Bilbo or Drogo and Primula to show up in TH. <img src='/images/smileys/sad.gif' border='0' alt='Sad Smilie' />
Yes, well 35 or so I could deal with. Any younger than that is really pushing it.

Clive Standen. could he be Bard.
someone else i'v never heard of. ... -for-bard/
mathew goode to play Bilbo ... bo-baggins
The title of that piece is so misleading that I would venture to call it dishonest. They say that he is "to play" Bilbo, then say that he has merely auditioned and quote the actor himself saying he's not an obvious choice.

I expected better from a source like TotalFilm.
In fairness to Total Film. Note the QUESTION Mark at the end of the Headline <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Any one seen this picture. dont no how to get it on screen. may be someone can. ... egory=5206
Not a bad photoshop. *shrugs*

chris - see [url=]this thread[/url:381give7] about how to post images. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
I like the image :mrgreen: .

But Chris won't be able to post it Eldo because it's embedded on the page.

He could reupload it to a Photobucket/Imageshack account and post it that way. The link works well enough though. 8-)
The whole page? :?

Well, he *could* screenshoot the page, but what I meant was that he could right-click the image, "Copy image URL", and upload it to Photobucket that way. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
That's cool 8-) . I didn't know you could do that :roll: :roll: .