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Thread: Blomkamp for director!?

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I've been saying he'd be a good choice from Day 1 (of the post-GDT speculating), so I'm rather pleased by this development, even though it [b:1sw85ozw]is not an official announcement[/b:1sw85ozw]! Very interesting though.

[url=http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2010/06/18/37113-is-neill-blomkamp-the-next-hobbit-director-maybe/:1sw85ozw]TORn[/url:1sw85ozw] (the most reliable source for this sort of news)

[quote:1sw85ozw]In short we know from lots of sources:
1. Jackson doesn’t want to do it
2. He wants somebody he trusts and can be sure of
3. Casting is happening now
4. Pre-pre-production is happening now
5. MGM and Warners need a talent in place yesterday
6. The platform for making a big genre splash announcement is approaching
7. The schedule fits with rumors from many sources
8. Many spies are sounding similar notes
9. One tells us they have seen the film breakdown with Blomkamp directing[/quote:1sw85ozw]
[url=http://the-hobbit-movie.com/2010/06/19/neill-blomkamp-to-direct-the-hobbit/:75jfglp7]Also read about it from our own ady.[/url:75jfglp7]
For those, like myself, who thought this might be a thread about foreigners with vaguely amusing sounding names here's his resume from wiki;

Feature films
District 9 (2009) (writer, director)

Short films
Tetra Vaal (2004) (director, visual FX)
Alive in Joburg (2005) (director, visual FX)
Yellow (2006) (director, visual FX)
Tempbot (2006) (director)
Halo: Landfall (2007) (director)

Nike - Crab (2003)[7] / Evolution (2004)[8]
Citroën C4 - Alive with technology (2004)[9]
Gatorade - Rain (2006)[10]

Other credits
Stargate SG-1 (1998) (3D animator)
First Wave (1998) (3D animator)
Mercy Point (1998) (3D animator)
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999) (3D animator)
Dark Angel (2000) (lead animator)
Art of Dying music video - Day Survive (2001) (director, visual FX)[11]
3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) (lead 3D animator)
Smallville (2001) (3D animator)
BV-01 (2005) (special thanks)
Best Ever Ads 2 (2006) (himself)
Crossing the Line (2008) (additional director)

2004, First Boards Awards - "One of the top five directors to watch"
2004, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival - "Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase"
2004, Shark Awards (shortlisted)
2005, VES awards "Outstanding VFX in a commercial" for Citroen - Alive with technology
2008, Cannes Lions 2008 - Film Lions- Grand Prix - Halo: Combat
2009, Nominated - Satellite Award for Best Director & Satellite Award for Best Adapted Screenplay - District 9
2009, Nominated - Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay - District 9
2009, Won - Bradbury Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - District 9[12]
2010, Nominated - Academy Award for Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - District 9 (Written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell)

Now in terms of feature films he seems a mite short on experience- I think this might be a good thing personally as its a similar resume to how Ridley Scotts looked when he got the Alien gig. And not unlike Russell Mulcahy's resume either when he made the first (and only good) Highlander film.
Blomkamp seems to me a better choice than the Harry Potter bloke.
It's good to have a rookie at the helm I think, because then they're more inspired to make a name for themself and/or they're more about making a good film rather than making a reptuation, because they don't really have one. I'm really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still haven't seen District 9, but by all accounts he would be a great choice.

Not to mention that Blomkamp fulfills the requirements for a director that is willing to play ball and go with what has already been developed.

I feel the same way, I think he's a really great choice because of his ability and lack of leverage in changing what they have already completed in terms of pre-production. As long as there isn't any shaky camera like in District 9, I'm happy.
The "shaky camera" thing is cinema verite, designed to give a film a gritty documentary feel: a "you are there" kind of experience, a sense of realism. As such it would be out of place in a traditional Fantasy setting.

Actually GB I can think of one or two places in TH where the shaky cam feel might work. When the party is surprised by goblins in the cave would be one and the bumpy barrel ride being another. Dale as Smaug torches it could be another place for it.
One of my favourite uses of the shaky cam is in RoTK (see I don't think its all bad-just 90% bad) when Gandalf is riding back after leading the sortie to Faramir and the camera swings in behind, bouncing away as if on horseback and we see Minas Tirith home into view. Short but lovely shot.
PJ actually used similar shaky camera tricks witth LotR. I'm a fan of cinema verite in general, and it works very well with the realistic/plausible fantasy model of filmmaking used in LotR. I would like to see a similar subtext of realism in The Hobbit to show that despite the fantastical children's story, it still takes place in a very real world.

EDIT: I didn't notice it, but petty's RotK example is one of the same ones I was thinking of.
I agree. It's perfectly acceptable to use "shaky cam" for a first person perspective, even in a Fantasy film, as long as it's not over-used.

Quite true. I suspect I would grow quite tired of the technique were it used in too many scenes.
Errrrrmmmm....NO Blomkamp's NOT directing???? :?

[quote:1440emte]NYMag.com says that Neill Blomkamp will not direct a pair of ‘Hobbit’ movies to be produced by Peter Jackson. The online magazine cites an insider at William Morris Endeavor, Blomkamp’s agency, with the info that not only will he not be directing, he was never contacted by Warner Bros. or MGM.

TORn didn’t say Blomkamp would direct, only that a source claimed to have viewed a film breakdown and a lot of the sources info fit with other whispers from other sources. The shortest line between Blomkamp and the film would run though New Zealand and Jackson, not L.A. studios, but NYMag isn’t going to make the report unless its source is solid. Read the whole account right here.

We know Jackson will be in Los Angeles next week and have heard he is there now meeting with studios who are trying to get him to sit in the director’s chair. We have further heard some of his high-placed team is in London working on casting.


So now, after spreading the rumour and giving it some heft with this headline: "Neill Blomkamp is the ‘Hobbit’ director – maybe"-- TORn is disingenuously trying weasel out of responsibility for starting the rumour :roll: !!!! I guess they think that somehow makes them look more credible if they think they can blame everyone's reading comprehension.

Oh sure, there are plenty of disclaimers in the original article: "Before anybody gets crazy, let me be clear that we are not reporting that Neill Blomkamp is the director of ‘The Hobbit’. I am not ready to put my name or TheOneRing’s name on a story that says this is fact.", but this 'Cover Your Ass' statement is followed by: [b:1440emte]"However, we did receive a spy report that stated it as cold, hard, unsurprising fact."[/b:1440emte] in a paragraph that oscillates back and forth between "CYA" and the 'Ring of Truth'. [b:1440emte]And after a lengthy article listing all the reasons why the 'reporter' thinks this rumour is true,[/b:1440emte] he concludes with: "So is Neill Blomkamp going to direct “The Hobbit”? Could be. [b:1440emte]My personal opinion is that this information is correct."[/b:1440emte]

Way to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too OneRing. :roll: :P :lol:

hmmm, I wonder if they'd let ME direct it... :?: :?: :?:
Haha! probably not. that would be a dream come true though :cry: None the less! I WILL direct and create Beren and Luthien someday. I'll pull a James Cameron. "Hey look! its a multi million dollar project that I've been waiting to do. I'm going to start it now because I've kind of fallen off the face of the earth!"
Wouldn't that be something!!!!!
I don't think TORn was trying to have their cake and eat it too. The specific reporter who wrote that post thought it was accurate, but they were upfront from the beginning that they couldn't confirm the report. So right now it's the word of TORn's source against the word of NY Mag's source. I'm still (cautiously) hopeful.

EDIT: Call me overly optimistic, but TORn has an established reputation as a generally reliable source, so I'm inclined to believe their report more even though it's also based on an anonymous source.
Please not PJ, please not PJ, please not PJ- if I say it often enough maybe he won't get the gig. I so badly want TH not to look or feel just like LoTR. It needs a different approach, a different style and a different look.
I think it would be delightful if PJ directed again. To say that PJ couldn't come to a different approach or new attitude to the movie is under-estimating his divine powers displayed through LOTR. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
My problem with PJ isn't that he can't direct- he can- but that he is style over substance. To PJ if there's a script that is a bonus but if not he doesn't let such a small matter get in the way of spectacle. I don't want TH to be like LoTR- all spectacle and little script (and what script there was often abused beyond recognition). TH needs a more delicate and thorough hand than PJ's cavalier attitude to actors, acting and scripting.
I'm sure that PJ would bring a new style to The Hobbit, but knowing PJ, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. Whether because PJ was still getting used to big-budget movies or because studios wouldn't give him totally free reign yet, PJ was able to keep his over-the-top impulses more or less under control when making LOTR. His restraint started to falter in the later films, however (witness the giant mace and ludicrous face of Gothmog from ROTK), and by the time he made King Kong he devoted close to an hour of the movie's running time to near-constant monster fights.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against action (big battles are a guilty pleasure of mine), but action needs to have an emotional undertone and connection and further the plot in some way. The interminable fight scenes of King Kong's middle section were just action for the sake of action in which the characters did little but get in the way of the childish SFX extravaganza. Watching PJ unleashed (much like George Lucas with the Star Wars prequels once he broke free of the studios but was guaranteed success nonetheless) was so painful for me that I had to stop the film and go back the following day to finish it.

The Hobbit will be, if anything, even more of a guaranteed hit than King Kong since it shares both the franchise and the director/producer/whatever of LOTR. PJ has neither studio pressure nor purist pressure (the only thing that stopped the awful Arwen at Helm's Deep idea that even the film-makers ended up disavowing) to keep him restrained after the massive success of LOTR. That's why I want to see a new director: one who has not lost self-control because of his successes. I hope that having a new director on the project will save it from becoming the mess that King Kong and the Star Wars prequels were.
I agree largely Eldo except I dont think PJ has ever been restrained (take a look at his first movies for evidence of that) all thats changed between those first films and LoTR is money. The underlining ethos is still the same- script is secondary at best.
Yeah, well PJ's King Kong DID have an excellent emotional foundation for the story, the abundant FX worked precisely because of that :P . I'm with Durin. I'd be perfectly happy for PJ to direct The Hobbit too.

I'd like someone else to direct the Hobbit simply because I'd like to see another take on Tolkiens story. PJ and his crew have everything set up already, so there already IS some of PJ's style in the movie already, but I'd like to see someone else's view on what PJ has done, and then make it there own. I always think its more interesting when you have a director who didn't write the script [i:3dmpvtih]working[/i:3dmpvtih] with the writer as opposed to having the writer be both. It adds flavoer <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />