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Thread: what is do you thing that is the coolest place on Midle-earth

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Good point, good point. Maybe Menegroth WOULD be better than Lorien. Aglarond as well. DARNIT I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!! Hang on, I've got it. The woods of Nan-tathren. Listen to Voronwe's opinion:
Lovely to heart's enchantment is that land... There is the cure of all sea-longing... Ulmo is but the servant of Yavnna, and the earth has brought ot life a wealth of fair things that is beyond teh thought of hearts in the hard hills of the North. In th that land Narog joins SIrion, and they haste no more, but flow broad and quiet through living meads; and all about the shining riverare flaglilies like a blossoming forest, and the grass is filled with flowers, like gems, like bells, like flames of red and gold, like a waste of many-coloured stars in a firmament of green. Yet fairest of all are the willows of Nan-tathren, pale green, or silvedr in the wind, and the rustle of their innumerable leaves is a spell of music: day and night would flicker by uncounted, while still I stood knee-deep in grass and listened. THere I was enchanted, and forgot the Sea in my heart. THere I wandered, naming new flowers, or lay adream amid the singing of the birds, and the humming of bees and flies; and there I might still dwell in delight, forskaing all my king, whether the ships of the Teleri or the swords of the NOldor, but my doom would not so.

Does that not make you wish you were there?

(Grondy merely edited a swear word.)
Only a pity that both Menegroth and Nantathren became so submarine.

I hate gettin logged out.
I think that the coolest place in Middle Earth is the Undying Lands...I mean you can't get any better than that. You'd get to live with Elves and you'd never die. That is my idea of paradise!
Princess Luthien:
Merely living in the undying lands doesn't make you immortal. You would wither "as a moth in a flame too bright". See the response of the Valar to Tar Minastir (I think - one of the middle kings of Numenor at least).

I'd say Rivendell wins hands down. You get elvish magic and beauty, but administered by someone who is half a man (actually three eighths by my count), and who welcomes and enjoys mortals. You may also run into some wandering Rangers, hobbits, dwarves, wizards, and other travellers. It's a microcosm of Middle Earth!
I think there're two coolest places on Middle-Earth: Lothlorien and Edoras. In Lothlorien the nature is just magnificent. And in Edoras you can ride a hore all day long. Just imagine: summer, the field with blue cornflowers and high golden rye, the wind sings in your ears as you galloping!!! Isn't it the one of the best moments of the life!?
Do I detect a horse rider? BUT YOU CAN RIDE A HORSE IN NAN-TATHREN AS WELL!!!!!! All day.
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Rohan and Rivendell Cant stop them they freaking rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the coolest place in Middle-Earth would be the Misty Mountains or that place where Arvedui had his last Refuge. I pretty well believe the temperatures there are sub-zero making them the coolest (or rather, coldest) places in Middle-Earth!
I've been a bad dwarf. Bold it is, then.

think that the coolest place in Middle Earth is the Undying Lands...

Ah, but the Undying LAnds aren't in Middle Earth, they're over the seas. Just to nitpick.

I still say Nan-tathren.
My two favorite places in Middle Earth are Rivendell and Edoras, for the same reasons listed by others. Rivendell because its a perfect mixture of both elven and mortal realms; and Edoras because of the wide open plains and horses. I picture the citizens of Rivendell to be a mixture of mostly elves, with a pleasant sprinkling of travellers from the world of men, dwarves and hobbits. I imagine it to be a place of culture, which is reflected in the food, conversation, music, writings and architecture. Edoras on the other hand seems to satisfy the side of me that seeks to be more adventurous. The men would be proud and strong, and the food and music very lively and hearty. I would definitely spend my time evenly between the two places.
pacific,green, simple, happy...the most beautiful place in Middle-Heart is the Shire!!!
but also lothlorien is very very beautiful!!!
pacific, green, simple, happy.... Nan-tathren is the best!!!!!

Alright, the Shire is probably next best. No, Lorien. If you were an elf. If you weren't, it would be like a moth in a candle. Too bright. Too perfect. Rivendell would be great too. It depends if you like the simple, beautiful life, or whether you would get bored and want more than sitting around all day eating and looking at scenery. (Not that that's a boring life - I would prefer it to school!)
I think it's Shire and Lorien or Grey havens, because they're peaceful(?) beautiful and the people are great!
Edoras because the people are great....!! but I love LÚrien, too!! In Love Smilie
Like I said, moth in a candle.....

I vote Rivendell, if it's Third Age Middle-earth, but I still say Nan-tathren.
Any place with no Elfies is cool. Like Mordor.
Thankyou to Isildur for not only causing the War of the Ring but also for pointing out that Gondolin is the coolest place
Well being an elf I would love to live Rivendell (if that was full then Lothlorien) but I wonder what Valinor looks like - it sounds really good. Must be good or why else would all the elves go there!

Do you think it may be our equivalent of Heaven - perhaps I don't want to go there just yet Angel Smilie
yeah, Valinor is our equivalent of Heaven. The best place to be!!! That's why if this thread wasn't just 'middle-earth' it would be valinor. And if you had actually SEEN heaven, you would be DESPERATE to go there. Not ready to go there yet.... what do you mean?

Any place with no Elfies is cool. Like Mordor.

And WHY do you say that, may I ask? (Being a dwarf, I should really not like elves... but I'm a kind of Gimli dwarf). NAN-TATHRENfor solitude. But if you were with no one, then Nan-tathren would be real lonely, and you'd STOP noticing the scenery all the time. So Gondolin too, perhaps. Being a city dweller myself. The lovely architecture!!! I LOVE good architecture. But nature too. Oh, there are so many differnet great places to choose from!!
Read the Silmarillion and you'll know what Valinor looks like. It's really beautiful, everything fair and all that, typical sort of paradise, really. But my favourite place would definately be on some Western Beleriand coast, where I'd see the sea, and feel it, but also not be too far from the activity of Beleriand Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
i would say the best place in ME would be Lindon during the reign of Gil-Galad.
dont know.........soooo hard..........but if i have to choose..........my answer is......................Rivendell!!!!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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