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Thread: Tron

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We are movie buffs, so forgive me for starting another thread. Does anyone remember Tron? To me, this was more like a fantasy than scifi. What do others here think? Anyone remember the cast? I especially liked the "motorbike" scene.
ďGreetings, programs!Ē Well, remember is probably a strong word for me, since I doubt Iím old enough to have seen it when it came out. Itís actually rather surprising how many of these ďold moviesĒ I am quite familiar with. Anyway, I have seen TronÖ havenít any idea of the cast, though I could look, since we have it on DVD. I enjoyed it, although itís certainly not my favorite movie; unfortunately, itís special effects, although years ahead of their time, now make it a little dated. For those of you who think the set inside a computer idea is really cool, I recommend trying to find Reboot. Itís a TV series that is entirely computer animated and set in a computer, and it is done really well.
Anyone remember the cast?

That would be Jeff Bridges in the lead role of Kevin/Clu and Bruce Boxleitner (later the commander of Babylon 5) as Alan/Tron. Peter Jurasik from Babylon 5 was also in there as Crom.

That motorbike scene you mentioned was a classic. I also liked the part where they were playing a sort of space age tennis with electrons.
That would be Jeff Bridges in the lead role of Kevin/Clu
Clu I rememberÖ he was the first program Finn (or Flynn? Something like that.) was using to try to hack in to the big computer. But who is Kevin? Do you mean Finn (was that his real name or something and I totally missed it? Or I just canít hear?)?
Holy cow. I remember that movie! I saw it a long time ago, and don't really remember much of it...I do remember the colors, though. They were a little odd.
Please tell me it was Flynn. I only played the arcade game (freaky in its own right) but I remember the Finn from William Gibsons Cyberpunk trilogy, and the thought it was plagiarized years before the Matrix trilogy just makes me physically ill. Dead Smilie Oops, wrong board. ;-p
I think I had a couple of Tron games on my old Intellevision console. I remember that to shoot the 1982 movie Tron, they wore those light suits that were the forerunners of the one Andy Serkis wore to film Gollum.