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Thread: Earthsea

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I just rented the Earthsea miniseries on DVD, which was done originally by Hallmark for the SciFi Channel. I thought it quite good, though it needed some editing around our kids. Sean Ashmore works as Ged...in fact, the cast is very well done, as are the costumes, cinematography, music, etc. I had seen the books by Ursula K. LeGuin since the 1970's but never read them. Does anyone know if this movie followed the book or not? It was a very good story and we all enjoyed ourselves watching Ged and Vetch.
I only read the books and like those a lot... haven't seen the miniseries.
I have the DVD and the books. As I remember, the DVD combines the stories of the first two books so you get the character development concurrently rather than sequentially. Other than that I thought the DVD followed the books quite closely and I was very satisfied with the result. I have only read the books twice, the original trilogy in the 1970s and the full quintet a couple years ago when Ifound the last two books had been written.