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Winternight Trilogy (Pt. 1, 2 & 3)

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Tuesday 17th July 2012 (01:30am)

I was planning to do one older re-write/edit, but this one caught my attention, and so, here it is. Complete Winternight Trilogy.


PS. There may be some spelling mistakes, but I shall correct them, once I get to it.
Edit: Corrected, I think.

A Misty Winternight (The Winternight Part I)

'I awoke in a very familiar forest.. It was cold, and I had no idea, how I ended up there..'

Rain is pouring down from the sky.. So heavily..
The sky is finally clearing.. My eyes are slowly opening..
Is this reality.. Is my mind playing tricks on me..
Or am I just dreaming..

Even if this is just another dream
It seems to be so wonderful.. It feels so real
I can hear distant howling, I can feel the rain, it's touch is so cold and shivering..
I can see all of the shapes of this night, the moon is finally rising up to the sky..

Only two can be heard.. And their voices are so different..
Wind is slowly calming down.. Silence is followed by a rain of snow..
It doesn't feel real, but still, I want to hold unto this dream..
A howl echoes in the forests.. And it also echoes in my mind and it's depths..

'Three steps.. Towards the light.. Then I saw.. A creature, so pale and white..'

A frostwolf cries with the moon, only water rains down from high above
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight
A frostwolf cries with the moon, tears are dropping to the snowy ground
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight

'I have to find a way out of this forest, or this coldness will take my heart and my soul..
Why is it so misty.. And I wonder.. Where did that white wolf go..'

A Mysterious Frostwolf (The Winternight Part II)

'I followed a snowy path that seemed to lead somewhere.. I had no strength left in my weak body, but somehow, light didn't leave my eyes.. No.. Not yet.. It couldn't happen now.. I wasn't ready to die..'

Shadows of these long and white trees, they seemed to change and grow all the time
Wind just kept waving their branches.. It's breath had a touch of pure ice..
Then I heard strange whispers.. And looked over the hills.. But only silence answered back to me
Those whispers called out for me.. It was enough to give me chills.. Then I saw something.. Moving.. Behind the trees..

'And there that creature was.. Sitting in front of a frozen lake.. But as it turned around to face me, there was a bright burst of light, it blinded my eyes, and I fell down to the snowy ground.. But before my eyes closed, it happened again.. The wolf.. It started to cry..'


A frostwolf cried with the moon, only water rained down from high above
Then it just disappeared into shadows of the winternight

'I awoke for a second time that night, though I still wasn't sure was it real, or just a part of some never-ending dream.. I had never felt such pain in my eyes, but I had to go on.. And as I arose back to my feet, I noticed that the wolf was gone.. But just when I thought I had lost the sight of it for the last time.. I heard it howling.. In the distance.. And I.. I had no other choice, but to follow it..'

I kept following the snowy path, stars were leading me somewhere.. Far away..
And somehow I felt that I wasn’t even alone on this journey..
My body felt ever so weak and numb.. But I had to carry on
I wasn't ready to surrender my life to that cold and relentless snowstorm..

'But I was wrong.. I had used nearly all of my remaining strength, and so, I collapsed and fell to the snowy ground.. Could this be the end of my life.. No.. It didn't feel like I was dying.. Not at all..

It almost felt like.. I would be given a third chance to find that wolf.. And then I closed my eyes once again, and I witnessed that same scene one more time, before I passed out.. The wolf.. There it sat.. It kept howling at the moon.. And it cried.. But why?'

A frostwolf cried with the moon, only water rained down from high above
Then it just disappeared into shadows of the winternight
I wonder.. Will I still awake..
It not.. Then farewell.. Death.. My soul is yours to take..

One Silent Wish and A Cold Winternight (The Winternight Part III)

'I was right.. I awoke one more time.. And this time, it felt more real than before..
Were I finally awake? Strangely, I didn't seem to remember what had happened earlier..'

I was walking in a nearby forest, when I heard a fearsome howl
Then I looked into the distance, and I saw a great and white wolf..
At first, I was horrified, but then I saw an owl flying in the darkening sky
And it whispered to me: 'Do not fear that wolf.. Just go on.. And follow him into the night.'

And so I casted away all of my worries of late, and I decided to follow the beast
And as I kept walking on, it just snowed and snowed, it all felt like a dream
Then I came to a clearing, there were no trees to be seen, and there that wolf sat.. In front of me..
It howled once more, then it suddenly transformed into a being that I had seen many times before..

And there she stood right in front of me.. The mother of all animals and trees

Wearing a long and colorful dress.. She had a crown made of leaves.. Her staff was made of roots and branches.. She was surrounded by an aura that was both golden and green..

I knew it was her, so I knelt before her and hailed, but she told me to rise up and then she said:

'I greet you, oh mortal one. You're the most noble and loyal of my servants. And when you saw me in form of a wolf, you still wanted to believe, and you decided to trust that owl. And here I am, in this forest, but I feel sad for all of these trees, they were all my children. And since you're here, I want to show you that there's no need to fear.'

And then I watched, as she walked to front of a dead tree, and then she took it's roots to her soft and green hands, and in a blink of an eye, it's wounds healed and new trees began to grow from under the snow. Going higher and higher, even all of those dead trees around us started to come back to life. Then she hit the snowy ground with her hands, and all of the broken branches and leaves arose from under the ground. I just stood there, still and amazed. How she could revive something all of those.. And without hesitating, she gave everything back to her children.
'She's truly The Mother Earth, I thought.'

Then she turned around and smiled at me, and pointed at the sky. And by snapping her fingers, it started to snow again and the crescent moon became complete. And then she spoke:

'I sense that you've been dreaming for a long time.. And know this.. I will show you a way out of this dream.. But for now, enjoy of this moment as long as it lasts, and fear not, my child, the winter shall come in time. That is what you wished for.. Is it not? You wished that the winter would come at last.. Well, let it be known that when it finally starts to snow, I shall come back, and then this dream of yours will become real, and no matter, how many times you'll close your eyes, it won't ever fade away nor disappear. Farewell, Oerath.. This is my gift to you.'

And so she transformed back into a great frostwolf, and then she howled three mighty howls that still echo in that forest, and after that, she just disappeared into the shadows. It all felt so unreal and magnificent that I just fell down to the embrace of snow. And even though I knew it was just a dream, I wanted to sing, just like I had always done before..

Here I just lay in the embrace of snow, facing the starlit sky..
It is so silent, and even winds won't blow, until I awake and leave this night behind
I feel freed of all troubles and worries, I feel that now I've no friends or enemies
I'm all alone, silence is my only company, this forest is my home, and as I look at all of these trees

I know something deep inside my heart.. I know that I chose this dream right from the start.. 'Cause..
When I fell asleep, I didn't want to feel any warmth nor see the sunlight..
I just wanted one silent wish and a cold winternight
And now I've seen the coming of winter, and I feel so calm and so relieved..
And it is a shame that soon I will have to open my eyes, and bid farewell to this beautiful dream..

'Then I arose, and she opened a portal to me and said that if I'd go through that, I would awake for one last time. I was ready to do it.. And as I entered through that otherworldly portal, I could still hear that frostwolf.. Howling and crying with the moon..'

There that frostwolf still cries with the moon.. Only water rains down from high above..
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight..

'And then I finally awoke.. It all felt so strange.. Almost like I had dreamed for an eternity, but I felt both joyful and reborn, 'cause she made a promise to me.. She promised that the winter shall arrive in time, stronger than ever.. And I believe in her..'

'After all.. It was she and her three winternights that finally brought me back to life..'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen