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The Sorrow of All Woods

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Thursday 20th September 2012 (08:37am)

The meaning of this work is only to send a message to those that do not respect the nature. Mother Earth should never be angered, for she can raise dangerous thunderstorms and devour entire cities with her waves. Mother Earth is like a deity, and people of this world should realize that.

The Sorrow of All Woods

Broken branches of dead and hollow trees..
Forests paths full of nothing, but dry and brown leaves..
This forest used to be so peaceful, this forest used to be my home..
But those times lie far away in the past.. Those golden days are forever lost and gone..

And I just cannot understand, why some people don't respect nature anymore..
They just pass by.. They've all abandoned her realm.. Just like they've abandoned entire ships and left them at the seashore..

And it truly breaks my heart..
It tears my one and only soul apart..
To live in this twilight world..
It is like suffering from a deadly illness.. It is like a dark curse..

And I wonder when they all will learn..
To respect the wonders of nature and earth..
That day may never arrive..
But as long as the sun will shine..

I shall not lose hope.. It is not too late..
I want to call this forest my home.. Once again..
And I want you all to feel the pain of her trees and roots..
Feel the weight of her sorrow.. Feel The Sorrow of All Woods..

And think about her and all of the realms that she protects..
And ask from yourself.. That don't you feel any grief or remorse towards all of her dead children?

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen