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The Demise of Jonathan Small

Author - Arath

Written on - Friday 21st September 2012 (01:02am)

Please be kind and bear with my poor english! I am very much out of practice!

The text below is everything that could be salvaged from the ashes of a fire in the hotel room of the well known reporter Jonathan Small who worked for the Inquirer and rose to no small fame in chigago.

Knowing what I know and having seen the very essence of the evil which lurks at the back of our minds, even on that so well known path we walk every day, I do not know whether or not I should simply throw this paper in to the fire or send it to the editor of the local newspaper.
They would no doubt think me mad and I cannot blame them.

The man was found dead on the 11th of may 1953 in Fairfield, Nevada. The coroner announced the cause of death to be the failure of the man's heart most likely due to the stress of his work and his vigorous excursions to the hill overlooking Fairfield.

The residents of Fairfield declare that the man seemed to be mortally afraid of something and several patrons of the hotel bar have noted that his mental health was declining rapidly. He was heard ranting on several occasions in foreign languages and once even smearing his face with pigsblood.

The public soon forgot this singular happening and moved on to the other scandals of that time. I however have found his correspondance with a resident of Fairfield who sent for Jonathan. This mysterious person never signed any of the letters he or she sent with anything other than: Frost.

The public record reveals that no-one by the name of Frost ever lived anywhere near fairfield making it very likely that the name was assumed from somewhere else.
After finding nothing I spent a long afternoon sorting out all the letters to find their correct order.

The first letters consisted of Frost acknowledging Mr. Small's energy and willingness to follow every lead to get to the truth. Mr. Small treated the letters as he would any other letters from his admirers being very courtious and humble.

the third letter was very diffirent:

I have decided to give you the chance of a lifetime. A story so phenominal your name will forever be associated with the truly great journalists.

This was all the writing but I have found several signs that point to some small object beign enclosed into the envelope.

From this point on the letters sent by Mr. Small take on a very diffirent tone. With many questions to the enclosure referred to as "the artifact" Mr. Small seemingly began preparing for the trip that would lead to his death.

I interviewed Lily Small the widow of the journalist and found out that the man made his departure only three days after receiving the fifth and final letter from the mysterious Frost. She described her husbands behavior as very odd: The man seemed absolutely ecstatic. She reported that he could not even sleep on his last night home. He paced around in his study until she fell asleep mumbling to himself "my god... Can it be so?" over and over again.
He rarely spoke of his work and she had not asked any questions knowing the man's temper should his thought be interrupted.

He departed to fairfield from the chigago central train station on the very first train which left at 7.15am.

I have not as of yet found any of the other passengers so I cannot say what was his mood as he travelled but I have had my friend the conductor make inquiries in my behalf and I expect him to wire me what he has found on sunday.

(Well, Well... This turned out to be more fun than I expected! However it is almost 3am and I really must get to bed Sad Smilie A real shame! I was just getting started too... This is exactly what I meant when I said my way of writing is very chaotic :P How am I doing so far? I've never attempted anything of the sort so I truly have no idea on how well this is going! I could use your help in wrapping this one up Leelee!)