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Only Whispers To Be Heard..

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 24th October 2012 (10:07pm)

Oerath Windsoul's Dark Tales

Part II

Only Whispers To Be Heard..

'This dark tale tells about one man's last day in the world of men. After losing the woman he loved, His thoughts became one with madness and insanity. And finally, he decided that it was his time to go on. He decided to be with the stars.. He wanted to walk across the sky.. Forever.'

Only whispers to be heard..

Forgotten memories..
Empty thoughts and barely supressed grief..
It's been way too long..
When I last saw the rising dawn..

This dreadful darkness..
And my overwhelming sadness..
This is too much for me..
I cannot bear the pain.. I don't want to live..

Because.. Every single night, when the ghosts arrive..
To take me away.. Back to that forsaken, but sacred place..
And there in those cold woods.. I just sit in the dark.. Trying to resurrect someone..
Why you even got lost in the night.. Why did you have to drown and die!?

And I truly witnessed your death..
And now there are only whispers to be heard..
My mind is like a broken bridge.. Ready to collapse..
My heart is like a frozen stone.. Nearly about to crack..

Into little pieces of nothingness.. Tell me..
Did you truly die? Or are you here to claim me.. Do you want me to follow you.. And embrace the darkness?
Oh, no.. Don't even answer to me.. 'Cause I won't come with you..
Even though I still have this rope.. That I so carefully made for our love to become true..

You and your spirits.. You may leave me alone..
For I've decided to follow the path of stars.. And that path lies high above..
It doesn't mean that I've to die.. If I want to see what lies beyond this sky..
In the astral realm of the star gods.. Is a place that calls for my soul and my heart..

And there I must travel.. To forget about everything..
By abandoning my physical form.. I'll be able to achieve something..
After that.. There will be no more whispers to be heard.. Oh, there'll be no more mistakes, errors or sins..
That will be the end of you and your damned presence.. And then.. All of your whispers shall die within..

For eternity..
And oh.. Grief..
Will no longer be a part of my empty dreams..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen