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One Last Sane Thought (The Mask of Death)

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 8th October 2014 (10:01am)

This belongs to my dark tales that I started with 'The Cursed Necklace', and by tomorrow, I'll upload that one too as a journal. Three parts so far and I think I'm going to continue this one for a while.

Anyway, here are the details.

'This work tells of a man, who met with death in his past when he was close to dying and during that meeting, she gave him a mask.. A mask that would fuel up his insanity, until a day should arrive when she would return to him to claim back the mask as her own. Poor mortal soul.. In the end, he was just one of her many puppets. It was her, who committed all those crimes and terrible acts that he thought he did. He was just an instrument all along.. An instrument of death.'

Oerath Windsoul's Dark Tales
Part III
One last sane thought (The Mask of Death)

Every night, the shadows move closer to me
While I sit inside with my eyes closed
All doors are now locked.. All windows are now blocked
But still.. I fear that they will find a way to get in..

At times.. I really wonder.. Do gods really exist..
If so, then why can't one of them come and set me free?
Can't they see that I've suffered for far too long..
Why can't they send me to a place where I do belong..
Just send me away!
Can't you put an end to this never-ending dream of pure insanity!

I cannot understand.. I don't even know, how it all began..
My mind used to be so clear, now there's barely nothing left of my former self..

I've lost all of my memories.. I've lost all of the people I once loved..
Is this the price I had to pay, when I gave up on hope..
When I lost control for the first time.. I committed such terrible crimes..
But the shadows.. The shadows told me to do so..
They told me to let go.. Of everything..

And now.. I realize that this day shall become my last..
I want to forget everything about my dark past..
There's nothing more left.. Just one final task..
I've a feeling.. That all this insanity will die within me.. If I put on this mask..

Either way..

I've to get rid off the shadows that keep chasing me!
I don't want to see their faces anymore! I want them to let me be!

This is it.. I've nothing more to say..
But I hope that I'll see my family and my friends again one day..
The shadows have now surrounded me.. I've no place where to go..
If I manage to unlock the powers of this mask.. Then I've finally found a way out..

But first.. I want one last sane thought..
That is all I'm asking for.. After that I'll finally bow..
To Death herself..
I'll let her scythe to be my end..

'His whole body trembled, as he staggered into the right corner of his room. He picked up the mask from the floor and placed it into his head. Then he coughed blood out of his mouth and fell unto the cold floor. He knew that he was running out of time and he also knew that now would be his only chance to get that one last sane thought..'

'And in a brief moment, his eyes opened far and wide and he saw something.. A vision.. A forgotten memory..'

'He saw himself walking across the desert. The sun burned brightly in the white sky, while he treaded forth, his feet buried in hot but silky sand. A gentle breeze blew from the east and as it touched his sweating and sunburned face, it gave him hope. There had to be a way out of the desert. There had to be a lagoon.. Somewhere.. But no.. After hours of walking, he finally collapsed. He had ran out of water and food long time ago and there he now laid, on a bed made of sand. Strange, it all felt so calm, but still somehow he knew that if he wouldn't get up and manage to find water soon, he would die. And by pushing his body to it's limits, he managed to rise up. It was so warm and his body felt so heavy. And every breath he took felt like any of those could have been his last. He was about to give up on hope, but then, he saw something.. Strange.'

'Someone clearly stood in the distance. Wearing black clothes, a robe or a gown. He wasn't sure, but he noticed that it was a woman. She waved her hand, almost like she wanted him to come forth. Without hesitating, he walked to her and asked: 'If.. If you're not one of the shadows, then what or who are you?'

'I am the one, who came here to save you. Now, take this mask and use it, when you've nowhere to go, nothing to do and none to talk to.
But remember that you cannot tell anyone about this mask. I am none, we never talked, we never met. I didn't give you this mask. You found it.. From the desert..'

'Feeling confused, the man simply nodded and accepted her gift and watched as the woman walked a few steps away and used her exceptionally long and dark scythe to open a glowing portal. Then she smiled and said to him: 'This portal will take you back to the place, where you began your journey. Without my help, you would've soon died, so consider this a contract. One day you shall put that mask on, and when that day finally comes, I shall seek you out and use this scythe to complete.. Your.. Life. That is the price you've to pay for getting out of this desert.'

Without thinking it further, he stepped through the portal and found himself to be back at his home, from where he started the journey in the first place. He remembered nothing, except for one thing. He had found help.. Along with the mask that he now held in his still trembling hands.

And then the vision ended.. And he was now shocked..

And that moment, he realized that the memories he had about that day were all false and he had just seen the truth. The shadows were her doing and now she had come to end his life. He also knew that she had to be lurking somewhere near. So, he bravely called out for her name.

'Death.. Damn you.. Show yourself.'

And only seconds later by looking into a mirror he saw her behind him. She was the woman from her vision. The scythe and everything. She was Death!

Mocking, the woman asked: 'Has the mask served it's purpose, mortal? I've returned to take it back!'

'What if I don't give it back to you, you vile being!' He threatened, but in his heart he knew that he had no choice.

And then he handed the mask to her and fell down to his knees. Ready to face his end.

By smiling, Death laughed madly and said:

'You've done well, mortal. All of those deaths.. It was so magnificent to control all of your actions and watch how you slowly kept dying from inside. I truly enjoyed of it.. But now, we've come to the end. Face your doom and feel the cold touch of my beloved scythe!'

Seeing the blade of the scythe swinging at him, he spoke his final words in his fragile mind:

'Forgive me everyone.. In the end.. I was.. Just.. One.. Of her.. Puppets..'

That became his one last sane thought after all. And then there was a sound of steel and he somehow felt as the scythe cut through his throat and the force of her scythe was so fierce that it nearly tore his whole body apart.

And then he fell into a pile of broken glass, pills and bloodstained clothes. His body struggled for a while, but then it gave up and his spirit left the world of men. And soon, he entered through the black gates in his new spiritual form to pay for his past sins and wicked deeds. (That he did not even commit).

And even in death, without remembering nearly anything about his former life, he somehow remembered enough to be able to repeat the words that he said to Death.

'Death.. Damn you..'

'Soon he found himself standing in a great hall full of spiritual statues. In the far end of the hall, was a portal that would lead him down into the underworld, which would become his home for eternity. Behind him he saw the black gates that were now closed, unable to take him back to his former life. For many times, he tried to turn around and reach the gates, but he couldn't. She wasn't going to allow him to go back.

It is said that the one who opens the black gates, won't be able to go through them again. So it was written by the creator of worlds and so it has always been.'

Sighing, he walked to front of the portal, where Death was already waiting for him and said:

'So begins my punishment for the crimes and the sins that I did not even commit..'

And by touching the portal's ethereal surface, he finally entered the realm of Death.. She who only The Mirrors can truly see..

The End.

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen