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Lady Silvermoon

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Friday 14th October 2016 (04:14am)

Lady Silvermoon

She cries thousands of tears every night..
Her tears fall to the ground like stars, her tears are made of love and moonlight
So many times, I've tried to ease her burdens, but she tends to ignore my wise words
Do I've to be a true son of darkness to understand, what it feels like to be one of the lights of the world

From year to year, she sheds her tears.. She won't stop crying, she wants to live her own dream..
She has so much power and will, yet she remains so quiet and still.. She is afraid.. Of the shadows that roam freely these days..

Oh, I believe we all can see that there are so many wounds and scars in each of her stars
But it all makes me to wonder why others cannot see the real sky, and why I can look so high and so far

There's magic in the air, I can feel it's presence everywhere, even now, I feel it somehow..
There's something so strange about this place.. It's almost like a fairytale, it's not just another night of pure silence and unending rain

Could this be true.. Am I a true son of darkness after all?
Here I stand, watching through the mist and the clouds, and for once, it seems that she isn't crying at all..
Or maybe I'm just dreaming.. But there's always something about her that makes you to question why..
You'd stare endlessly at her earliest creations, at those little tears that never fell down from the sky..

I truly do hope that one day, she will stop crying..
But as long as she remains uncertain, I shall watch over her vast star garden of dreams..
I'm like a son to her, and she's like a mother to me..
Without her magical light, I would truly be lost, just like any sailor could get lost at sea..

And she's the one who has a power to make all of the nights to feel so real and true..
I believe that this world would be lost forever, without her guidance, light and glues..
And I do not blame her for crying so much.. Since her tears can make all of the flowers of this world to blossom and bloom..
And I don't know, if there's something more to know about you..

In the end.. I am not sure should you even stop crying..
'Cause it could be the end of everything..
Don't you think so too.. Oh, Lady Silvermoon..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen