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Song of Oceanic Depths

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Saturday 8th December 2012 (09:31pm)

Song of Oceanic Depths

I've sailed these seas for long enough to know..
That there are many dangerous waters, and things that are better left alone..
If you ever hear music or voices from under the waves, then cover your ears..
Or you'll be lured into a deadly trap.. Do not be deceived by the beauty of sirens


One night, I heard a woman's voice, followed by a silent underwater choir
And then I looked down, at a place, where many men have drown
No matter how much I tried to ignore it, I still kept hearing that song
And so I thought: 'If I go down there, will I find what I'm truly longing for?'

And so I dove.. That seawater was so cold..
But I didn't care.. My only desire was to witness the beauty of those maidens..
Mesmerized by their singing.. I forgot about my ship, crew and everything..
A song that is known as the sailor's end.. A song of oceanic depths..

No matter how much I dove.. No matter how much I prayed to the gods..
I couldn't hold my breath for long enough.. I had no other choice, but to forget about it all..
But then someone grabbed my legs, and I thought: 'Is this the end?'
And then I saw something that my mind couldn't comprehend..

It was a siren, but there was no signs of beauty or innocence in it's eyes..
It looked like a vile serpent.. With a desire to devour the very energies of life..

And then I felt the touch of pure darkness, but with all of my remaining strength, I managed to escape..
And as I dove back towards the surface, that creature kept chasing me..
But luckily, I was saved by my crew men, they pulled me out off those waters..
And ever since of that day.. I've told everyone to fear the song of oceanic depths..

'Do not be fooled by mere beauty and lovely singing..'
'Do not surrender your heart to those beings, or you'll truly lose everything.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen