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Author - Durin the deathless

Written on - Saturday 15th December 2012 (09:56pm)

It began back in the dawn of time. Elves and Dwarves had been at war for nearly a century, the reason behind the feud long forgotten. Ginglin Hiklin, the Elvish king had a beautiful daughter named Marianya. Marianya was the most fair of all her people, her long brown hair and eyes captivating to all who saw her. So it was that one day, as she travelled through the forests near her home, she was ambushed by Dwarves. The band sought to capture her and use her as a bargaining chip to end the war but N'Tartan Jeggen, the son of the Dwarf king Hoggok, fell deeply in love with her. He released her and sent word to King Ginglin requesting a truce. Ginglin, unaware of N'Tartan's feelings for his daughter, agreed without question. The two met and N'Tartan begged Ginglin permission to wed his daughter. Ginglin was shocked and hastily said no. N'Tartan offered Ginglin whatever he desired for the hand of his daughter. The Elven king pondered this and told N'Tartan that he desired nothing more than a white Stagg from the northern Reaches. N'Tartan, crestfallen, agreed. He knew he would very likely meet his death on the journey but he also knew that Marianya was worth the risk. Without telling even his father, N'Tartan set out on his quest to capture a white Stagg.