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Sounds of Awakening

Author - Arwen Legolas

Written on - Wednesday 2nd January 2013 (06:30pm)

Sounds of Awakening
In the Waters of Cuiviénen where the Elves had their Beginning, on Awakening they saw a star shining brightly from afar, set by the Valar them as Guide so they would not get lost at night.
They looked upon the Constellations glitt'ring brilliant from afar. They saw Soronúmë, Anarríma and the Mighty Menelmacar, showing forth his mighty Belt; for Varda Took Telperion's Dew and set there in the heavens anew, the Stars that Melkor dimmed.
Due North the elves see Valacirca, Melkor saw them from afar, the Sickle of the Mighty Valar. He knew on Ea he had no room, that he was looking at his doom.
By star-lit skies and Sound of Water, the Firstborn woke there from their sleep, they played and gamboled in Cuiviénen because the water as not deep.
As Oromë rode through the Forest, he heard their Singing from below, with wonder he looked on the Quendi, from then on loved them evermore.
The elves loved Varda Elentary, revered above all other Valar, they call to her in times of trouble their words you still hear from afar:
"A Elbereth Gilthoniel sìlìvren penna mìriel,
O menel aglar elennath, na-chared palan dìriel,
galadhremmin ennorath Fanuilos le linnathon nef, aear si nef."
We still remember, we who dwell in this far land beneath the trees, the starlight on the western seas.
Then Melkor made the Firstborn fear with noises in the wood, his servants and his demons devoured them when they could.
Then Melkor in his new disguise spoke of the Valar bad, but Oromë among them dwelled and with the blowing of his Horn he chased away the Bad.
Then came a noise of fear and rending, but Oromë rode on Nahar, whose coat of Silver one could see shining brightly from afar.
But Oromë the Mighty Hunter, with his Spear and with his Bow, on his Mighty Horn would blow, which is called the Valaroma, he sounded the Charge of the war of the Valar.
and they made war there upon Melkor, unroofed his Halls and broke his pits. He fled at last to dark Utumno, surrounded by his demon host, he knew that Ea to him was lost.
Then Tulkas wrestled there with Melkor and cast him down into the Dust. They bound him then with strong Againor, the chain that Aulë had made, and locked him in the Void!
Before the Children came to be the Valar then repaired the World. The Silver Lights shone brightly in the Sky, surrounding there the Seven-Star, the Sickle of the Valar, of which the Crown of Stars were made.
Here ends the Story of Awakening, and all the Sounds that came with it. The fell foes fled into the darkness and stayed there in the pit.