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This day shall be victorious

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Thursday 16th May 2013 (05:50pm)

This day shall be victorious

Rise.. Unsheathe your sword
And use it.. To correct.. All that is corrupted and wrong
This time.. You won't be the servant.. No.. This time you shall be the lord!
Today it all will change.. We've been waiting for this day for so long..

Tonight, the stars will come to our aid
Tonight, the moon will show us the right way
Tonight, all debts shall finally be paid
Tonight, we'll set a course towards a new and golden day!


Rise up and make a stand
Show them that you're not theirs to command
Not anymore..
Battle on, my brothers and sisters, you've to settle this score
And after the events of this day
All known singers of this world will sing about the day
When we decided to be free..
And this time.. For an eternity!
When we decided to put an end to all slavery
And break the cold chains of misery!

This day shall be glorious
Today we'll put an end to all violence and bloodshed
This day shall be victorious
Today all of our foes shall meet their end

And as the night finally falls.. So do the gates and the walls..
The moon hides behind the sky.. And then she starts to cry..
And as her cold tears keep hitting the bloody ground..
We kneel down to mourn those, who we lost in this war..
Those that shall never be revived or found..

And then we join our hands together and start to sing in the rain..
'Let us sing a song for all of those, who were lost and slain..'
And then we join our hands together, so that we could feel each other's pain..
So that we could tell to ourselves that their death's were not in vain..

This day was indeed victorious..
But this day was not as joyful, as we had hoped..

'Silently they mourn.. Candles in their hands.. Black hoods concealing their faces.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen