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The Lost Tale of Early days of Eol

Author - Thron, lost son of throrin

Written on - Monday 11th February 2013 (12:18am)

This is my first attempt at a possible Fanfiction. I am not a writer, but I am very passionate about all of Tolkiens works regarding Amen, Belerian and Middle-Earth. I have only written the rough opening paragraph and i am open to questions and criticism and suggestions. but the main thing is, to see if anybody is interested in a fanfic of Eol and his lost early days.

The Lost Tale of the Early Days of Eol

Eol, The Dark Elf of Nan Elmoth, who was a Sinadarin elf, with his kinship coming from the Teleri. The tale of Eol has alreay been told in the Silmarillion, but the earier days of Eol and the clear reasons as to why, Eol the Dark Elf choose to depart Doriath and the Girdle of Melian and why he was willing to give up the greatest work of his own hands, anglache, have not been told and became lost. But unlike many other tales that simply get lost by coincidence, this tale was purposely lost. Suprisingly, the root of Eolís fate lie with Melian of the Maiar. It is this lost tale that explains why Eol takes the name Dark Elf,and also why his sword Anglache, was so filled with Malice. But what this tale does not tell is the specific reasons why Eol and his son, seemed to fall under a certain Doom or a curse or if it was simply mischance and poor choices. And if it was infact a doom that layed on the line of Eol, it is not told if it was first put upon Eol or Eolís fathers. For he was said to be close kin to Elwe, Ulu Thingol and Thingol himself did fall under doom, but it was because he became emeshed in the fate of the Silmarils. But this is not a tale of speculations, it is the true tale of what is known of the early days of Eol and how Melian plays a major role. So it is that, this is also the tale of the earlier days of Melian, shortly before she came upon Elwe in Nan Elmoth.