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Eastern Middle-Earth Hobbits (Gnomes) ideas

Author - Thron, lost son of throrin

Written on - Thursday 14th February 2013 (08:52pm)

Notes on Gnomes, the Hobbits of Eastern Middle-Earth

Nothing to do with HoME Nolodoli (Gnomes)
Well, my story for the Gnomes is that, they are connected with Hobbits.
Mush like Elves and Men, they were awakened in the East.
and ventured west. while many men and elves stayed in the east.
so much like elves and men, Hobbits originated in the east.
And again like men and elves, Hobbits decided to venture West. but also some stayed behind, like Men and Elves.
In those ancient days, the name Hobbit was not yet their name as a people. But they did give themselves names.
and there was a grouping of "halflings" who eldest was named Gnome.
and The House of Gnome and many other close in kin stayed East, while the majority of Halflings, goes west.
So the ones who venture out west, we all know of and they eventually become known as hobbits. And they wore no shoes, and grew no beards. and were short
But They distant cousins in the east took the name of Gnomes after the oldest of their house. and they were not only different in name, they were also different in appearnce
The house of Gnome was the only group of "halfling/hobbits/gnomes" that grew facial hair much like Dwarves and the gnome culture to to wearing boots, but like hobbits, they were short.
and were often mistaken as very short dwarves. but they were in fact, akin to Hobbits.
As has been told in the LotR. Some hobbits, did wear shoes or boots and grew some “down” on their chins.
Although Hobbits forgot about all this due to their long journey west. For it took them many ages of men to walk all those leagues with their little legs.
what do you think so far?
Hobbits ventured west, with later groupings of good men, that came west into middle-earth. But like hobbits are known for, were very unnoticed and in those early day, those early men, thought hobbits to simple be children. And thought nothing of a different peoples. Hobbits have no recording of their awakening, nor do the Gnomes. So they themselves know they are different, but see they are somehat similar to man, and cant say for sure that they aren’t men themselves.
So journeying west with men, there is no recording of Hobbits or Halflings. For neither knew any better.
And for the most part, the Halflings followed quietly behind the westward venturing men.
So Gnomes are just Hobbits that wear boots and grow facial hair
And just as hobbits have forgotten about them Gnomes have forgotten about them or have only old tales of "ancient Gnomes that ventured west"
Another way in which the gnomes are very much the same in nature to hobbits is the nature in which they live
They live in holes, but not holes under a hill, but the live in holes inside Giant trees.
But their are differences. just as hobbits dont wear boots or grow beards, hobbits dont feel comfortable with multi-level dwellings. This is wear Gnomes differ from their Hobbit cousins.
Gnomes prefer the Trees, and like multi-level dwelling with the trucks of ancient gigantic trees.
But like hobbits they love flowers and gardens. and Gnomes are always seen in gardens.
well thats pretty much it. but i think i might just journal this today on here