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A Song For Spring

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Tuesday 30th April 2013 (05:00am)

I decided to post this as a journal too, not exclusively to the 'Do you have a poem' - thread.

A Song For Spring, A Song For All Seasons to Come


Water flows in all rivers again, the sunlight has returned to us
Oh the babbling sounds of water, it's like music to my ears
Whether it's rainy or clear, whether it's dawn or dusk
At the end of each passing day, I always find myself crying silently..
And each time.. There seems to be no end to those joyful tears..


Crows return to their nests in the apple trees
From there they look for shiny things with their greedy eyes
All the others birds return too, but unlike the silent crows
They're singing about what they've seen
During their wonderful and long, long flights

Sing.. With me..

Spring is here once again, I hail it's cold winds
I bless all the growth and beauty that it brings
Sun is with us again, giving warmth to our gray days
And even though I age after each passing year
This mortal heart of mine will always remain the same

I promise that I won't ever stray from the path of nature
And to ensure the truth of my words, I shall now sing..

A song for spring, a song for all seasons to come
Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, I always enjoy of each one
All this warmth may be too much for me
But what the sun of summer takes away from me, winter nights always heal

And let's not forget the splendor of autumn
Nor the dance of the leaves
Oh, all those shady nights and beautiful full moons
Is something that I seek even in my own dreams

And with the other three seasons far behind
Winter may return back to us with all of it's snow and cold nights
Snowstorms, harsh winds and beautiful landscapes
It's all worth waiting for, even if it may sound insane

And so ends a song for spring, so ends a song for all seasons to come
So ends another fine day and so begins the daily wait for the rise of the morning sun

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen