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The Final Dance of the Autumn Leaves

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Friday 25th October 2013 (02:44pm)

Well here's something 100% new from me. I wrote this piece earlier today and while I think that it may still need some editing, I'll post it nonetheless.

I'm very satisfied to this work, it's definitely the best one I've written in a very long time.


The Final Dance of the Autumn Leaves

Here I sit in my father's black rocking chair
Looking outside, wondering about strange things inside my mind
The winds seem so restless, there's something magical in the air
And I would truly be blind..

To not be able to see and hear that the trees are whispering to each other again
Speaking of an event that will take place later in the evening
And I feel that I've to be there, I've to go to the forest where only a few men dare
To walk.. For there I'll be able to talk with the trees and to communicate with the spirits of the night
There I'll have a chance to witness the great dance of autumn times.. And even though it is a place, where the sun never shines, we can still see with the help of the moon and her radiating and bright light

So I must now ask of you that do you want to go there with me?
Do you want to witness something that can set your spirit free?
Do you want to feel the coldness of the wind.. That freezing, yet so comforting feel of chill?
Not to mention the mysterious dance that only those can see, who possess a kind and good heart and a soul free of taint and sin

Walk with me..
It is dark, but can you see it, can you feel it, can you hear it?
Let the wind guide you through the trees
To a clearing, a great clearing, a home to many friendly spirits

Close your eyes and let the moonlight cleanse you, bathe in it's purifying light
And open them when I say so and you shall see more than just the darkness of this night


Open your eyes..
The atmosphere may feel eerie, but I promise you..
Everything is alright..

The trees have spoken..
And together with the wind..
They'll show us the one dance we shall not ever forget..

So, my love..

Behold the final dance of the autumn leaves
Behold the sight of your deepest and dearest dreams
A true masterpiece of both harmony and peace
A scene of great beauty, a scene that won't ever cease
To amaze me, to inspire me and oh..
Year after year, tear after tear, this spiritual event always sets me free!
Like a black raven flies onward in the midnight blue sky to see
What lies far in the distant horizon and is it worth of keep going on
Is a great and new land waiting for it on the other side of this world?
Even if not, it still won't give up it's desperate search
For a better place, for it's entire race..
A haven where to spend the last of it's precious days
A haven where to die peacefully when all life finally turns into the ash of gray
And like that black raven, I too wish to find something very similar..
A new world free of diseases and disorder.. A new world free of the cruelty of war..

But for now.. This silent mortal life has to do
At least I still have you by my side
And together, we will face everything that happens under the sun and the moon
And upon the end, together we shall die..

But for now..
Let us enjoy of this dance as long as it just lasts..

'Holding each other's hands they just danced and danced, while the leaves kept swirling around them. The wind acted as the conductor, the singing duties fell upon the trees. And oh, there were many kind of instruments that the little folk of the woods kept playing. Leaves were the main dancers and the moon and her millions of stars formed the audience. And even the night itself burst to tears by looking at this most wonderful and beautiful performance. But all that is good has to end in due time and so the great show finally came to an end. The wind ceased to blow, the trees fell to sleep and the little folk headed back to their holes and hollows. All leaves now lay there, softly and firmly in the frosty ground, all ready and prepared for the winter to come. Finally, the moon turned around and wished her stars and everyone else a good night, and so the silence took over the forest. And upon this moment, it started to snow for the first time in that year and those two happy mortal souls made a brave decision. They decided to stay there through the cold, yet so enchanting night.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen